SGCL 2018: Here are your B Division teams!14.06.2018

We’ll be seeing our B Division teams hit the Rift this weekend for their Quarterfinals! Do remember to block out these timings if you have a particular school you would like to cheer on. All streams can be found on our SGCL microsite:


To know which match you would like to tune in to, it's only natural that you'd want to have a better understanding of the teams that will be playing. Without further ado, here's a short introduction to the teams as well as their roster.

With only one member from last year’s returning champs, it’s unclear if Captain and Mid Laner Ashton ‘Babylife’ Lim will be able to replicate last year’s stunning results. With the absence of star ADC Adriel ‘Leidra’ Tan and increased pressure on Babylife, it’s going to be interesting to see if they can still keep their throne.


As the undefeated champions from the B Division Qualifiers, a lot falls on the shoulders of the team from Hwa Chong. Will they be able to keep up with their winning streak or would the pressure of having everyone’s eyes on them cause their polished gameplay to take a hit?



Despite clawing their way into the offline qualifiers through the Loser’s Bracket, Team JWSS managed to turn things around by emerging top of their bracket during the B Division Offline Qualifiers and beating out last year’s second runner-ups, Tanglin Secondary School, in the interim. Will these new faces be able to prove that their slot in the Top 8 Playoffs is not a fluke?


Another team who seemingly breezed through qualifiers (only losing to the undefeated HCI), TPS seems to be another team made up of newcomers that we should keep an eye out on. Fun fact, they are also the only campus team with a pair of twins! Will the brothers’ synergy be able to pull them through Quarterfinals?


As the team with the most familiar faces from last year’s edition of SGCL, Tanglin Secondary is back again to grapple at a chance to topple CCK from their throne. With their substitute from last year taking over the Top Laner role (Fun Fact: their previous Top Laner, Winston ‘Marcellane’ Tai, is currently the Singapore Polytechnic’s Top Laner) and the support jumping over to the mid lane, let’s see if these shake-ups will be enough to carry them to victory.



Another fresh-faced team in the Top 8 Playoffs, most of these names are unfamiliar but that does not mean that the skill that they’ve shown in the B Division Qualifiers should be diminished in any way. This boisterous team is ready to take on the world and show that their roster is a force to be reckoned with.


Last year’s first runner-ups are back with a vengeance (and a new roster). Although a lot of focus has been put on Jayden ‘Carac’ Ang’s stellar performance last year under the IGN of Jichu, we can’t forget about Riaz ‘Prophet’ Khann and his carry performance on Kled last year. Whilst we still have high expectations for this team, it’s interesting to note that they are actually one of the lower seeded teams, having lost to Woodlands Ring in the offline qualifiers.


Another familiar name, Westwood Secondary is back to try their hand at the title of B Division Champions again with a revamped roster. The returning members, Calcutta and Proud, are back as Bullpoppy and HeaveN respectively. With HeaveN jumping over to the Mid Laner role, will this be the change they need that propels them to Semifinals?



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