SGCL 2018: Here are your A Division Quarterfinalists!08.06.2018

Before you can vote for who’s your champ in the M1 Pick’em Who’s Your Champ, you first have to know who is up for consideration! Here's a short introduction to all 8 A Division Quarterfinalists.

Back with 3/5 of the original starters from last year’s roster, the team representing Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West is once again led by Captain and Jungler, Marco ‘penguinn’ Ngooi. Faced with an unfortunate bracket last year (their opponents right off the bat were Temasek Polytechnic, who went on to claim first runner-up in the Grand Finals), would their tenacity pay off?



One of the favourites to win this whole Campus League, Nanyang Polytechnic boasts many familiar faces, including the ADC from last year’s A Division Champions, Jervis ‘ScarletPetal’ Lam. Besides that, we see Jerome ‘Seira’ Ong who’s no stranger to SGCL as a B Division representative, two members of Resurgence, one member from Sovereign, and the current 3rd place Challenger. Considering the fact that they actually took down last year’s champions to be this year’s representatives for NYP, expectations might be super high for this star-studded lineup.




One of the two universities that made it to the A Division Playoffs this time, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) is not one to be scoffed at, breezing through the Wildcard Qualifiers and earning their slot in the offline A Div Qualifier Playoffs as the winners of the Winner Bracket.




Two members of last year’s National University of Singapore (NUS) representatives can be spotted in this new team (albeit with changed IGNs). With this refreshed roster, can they show us the reason why they were the only team to emerge victorious out of the four NUS teams who signed up?




The only school who showed up at SGCL 2018 with an entirely new roster, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) is not looking to play around. Despite the fact that most of them have no competitive experience, NP still pulled through their matches with aplomb, marking them as one of the up-and-coming teams to watch out for.




Probably one of the most familiar teams, we see three of the members from the original SGCL 2016 Republic Polytechnic (RP) roster who managed to etch a name for themselves as the collegiate team who got to go Korea and Taiwan. After taking a break from SGCL 2017 due to their brief stint in the professional league, let’s see if their time as Team Corgi will be able to translate into victories for them!




We see another familiar face from B Division here in the Singapore Polytechnic (SP) roster in Winston ‘Shera’ Tai, previously known as ‘Marcellane’, the Top Laner for Tanglin Secondary School. With IceDestiny and Ener in their roster too, this team is no stranger to competitive tournaments. Will these veterans be able to mesh well with their less-experienced counterparts?





Another hot favourite to walk away as the champions of the Campus League, Temasek Polytechnic (TP) boasts a team of close friends who have been taking part in multiple competitions together. The only exception would be Timothy ‘Ciela’ Lim, whose mechanics and gameplay are more than sufficient to justify him replacing iNitrogen as the team’s ADC. The pursuit of a part-time diploma from the previously lauded Golden Girl of NYP, Jolene ‘Lustreless’ Poh, in TP, the school that her original alma mater always had a sworn rivalry against, makes things that much more spicy this year round.



These are your Top 8 A Division teams, set to take the stage starting tomorrow, 3PM! Find out how you can be a part of the SGCL Playoffs experience HERE. If you have any confessions to make about any member from the Top 8 teams, feel free to let it all out at our SGCL Confessions.


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