SGCL 2018: M1 Pick'em Guide (Finals)27.06.2018


We've hit the home stretch of our Singapore Campus League and all eyes are on the final teams to see who will emerge on top. Here's SVR OMO's guide on who you should vote for in our SGCL 2018 Grand Finals! Just a reminder, you earn 2x the points for correct predictions during the Finals so don't fret, that ASUS VG245H Monitor might be yours after all. Make your predictions HERE.

With him being on #24 on the leaderboard, let's see if you should trust him this last round!

Saturday, 30 June - B Division Finals

Current Odds: WRS (24.29%) vs. JWSS (75.71%) - B Division 3rd Place Playoffs

With both of these teams having lost 2-0 in their Semifinal matches to drop to the 3rd Place Playoffs, they should be looking at shaking things up within their team especially with the huge changes 8.11 brought and 8.12 will be bringing to the metagame. 

Despite the odds being heavily in JWSS’s favor - I actually think WRS are favored to take this match. With JWSS’s only having shown protect the carry compositions around Jeffery ‘Jef’ Hong, 8.12’s nerfs to shielding champions has been quite a blow to such compositions (unless you’re running them in a Funnel Composition context).

WRS, however, has shown a more diverse playbook with both Bot, Middle, and Jungle having shown carry potential in their roles and overall just more diversity. 

Final Call:

With the odds being so favorable for a bet on WRS, I’m going all in on a WRS 2-0. Hoping for both 8.12 meta kneecapping JWSS’s main strategy as well as hoping that WRS’s diversity in playstyle and ability to carry out of more than just Bottom Lane will be the difference between these 2 teams.

If WRS does take the series 2-0, expect it to be a stomp as it would show that stylistically the team just fits 8.12 better as predicted here.

Current Odds: CCK (75.04%) vs. HCI (24.96) - B Division Finals Match

Despite CCK taking a 2-0 going against my predicted 2-1 victory in the Semifinals, the win was far from convincing as they showed once again a sloppy Game 1 before a more one-sided Game 2 victory off the backs of Ashton ‘Babylife’ Lim’s Zoe (the word clean isn’t applicable here).

HCI, on the other hand, has shown more stable teamplay and just overall have demonstrated a clear understanding of how to play the meta together as a team. Of course, 8.12 is a different beast from 8.11 but even on 8.11, HCI has shown their ability to bend the meta with a Yasuo and Alistair Bottom combination to fuel their bruiser composition. 

Assuming for playing against similar levels of competition, I’d easily give this series to HCI 2-0 for how clean they’ve looked as a team. However, I feel HCI has played against weaker opponents so far and CCK has a decent shot against them especially with what I suspect will be a favorable Mid Lane matchup for CCK while HCI has a favorable Jungle matchup.

At the end of the day, I expect both of these teams to put on a close and exciting series with many interesting strategies on display as they’ve both shown understanding of how to play the meta.

Final Call:

It was a tough call but I’ll stick with my Champion pick from the start of the tournament and bet on the reigning Champions in CCK. In a packed offline venue at the *SCAPE Ground Theatre, having experience in playing in such an environment might be the gamechanger for CCK, with Babylife leading the new CCK members.

 Expect HCI to put on a very good fight and bet on an upset if you need the points to climb up the ladder. Bet on CCK if you’re at a stable safe position.

Sunday, 1st July - A Division  Finals

Current Odds: ITE (14.71%) vs. SP (85.29%) - A Division 3rd Place Playoffs

With both of these teams dropping 2-0 in their respective Semifinal matches, they still managed to exhibit bright spots to look out for as we head into the 3rd/ 4th placing match.

For ITE as always, it comes down to Marco ‘penguinn’ Ngooi and his ability to carry the game. As we saw from the ITE vs. TP series, with his Lee Sin and Olaf removed,his ability to impact the game was greatly diminished with a tank Zac pick and a Kayn coming out. If ITE were to have a chance in this series, penguinn needs to find comfort on other carry jungle champions. With so many options available on this patch, he should not find himself on Champions like Zac and Kayn again.

However, going up against Tay ‘IceDestiny’ Leong Jie who had an impressive early game on Taliyah against NYP in the Semifinals, the Jungle matchup should be close with penguinn having a harder time impacting the game

 For solo lanes, SP should at least go even or slightly edge ahead. Bot Lane will be the lane I expect to go pretty handily to the side of SP. This gap will be where I expect SP to push their leads through to winning their games.

Final Call:

 Expect SP to take this series 2-0 pretty handily. Unfortunately, I don’t expect penguinn to make enough of an impact in this series to carry ITE to another victory unless the set pieces around him really come together for an overperformance at *SCAPE. 

SP should edge ahead in every role and with the Jungle matchup at least going even, this will be a 2-0.

Current Odds: TP (13.20%) vs NYP (86.60%) - A Division Finals

With TP having a much cleaner Semifinals series than the mess they showed in the Quarterfinals, this series should be the exciting finale to SGCL 2018 that most were expecting. 

With TP coming together as a solid team overall (albeit against a weaker Semifinal opponent in ITE), they look to have a potential to upset against NYP. Of course with NYP still being the heavy favorites to win the whole thing.

With NYP showing their proficiency and willingness to play funnel compositions in the Semifinals, this adds an added element for TP to consider in draft and during preparation which gives NYP an edge from the get-go.

In game, with NYP fully embracing their identity as a team that plays around Mid Laner Ken ‘Raven’ Goh and with the synergy between their Jungle and Mid Lane, they play out funnel strategies very effectively enabling Raven to carry his team.

Final Call: 

Overall, NYP still looks like the heavy favorites and with the whole team playing around Raven’s carry prowess, I expect them to still be able to lift the trophy in the end. However, with TP as a team looking to be coming together as the playoffs progress, they do have the potential to pull off an upset. I think this will be a 2-1 victory for NYP. 

Grand Finals

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