SGCL 2018: M1 Pick'em Guide (Semifinals)21.06.2018


Saturday, 23 June - ‘B’ Division

Current Odds: HCI (76.01%) vs. JWSS (23.99%)

With both HCI and JWSS playing out extremely dominant and one-sided series on their way to the Semifinals (with JWSS having overall shorter game times and a sub-20-minute game), this series should be closer than what we saw in the Quarterfinals. However, JWSS showed a rather one-dimensional style with a lot of focus on their Marksman Jeffrey ‘Jef’ Hong and drafting enough protection for him (which a lot of B Division teams were fond of doing). Although HCI also only showed 1 style, a clear focus on playing around shoving Mid and aggressive Jungle. I would expect this to be much more effective and harder to deal with than just protect the ADC. 

Additionally, HCI has shown themselves as one of the most prepared teams in terms of game plans, drafting and playing towards the gameplans and it would be interesting to see what they have prepared for 8.11 and if they have anything else in their pocket besides just the Zoe and Taliyah in the Mid Lane.

Final Call:

Although this series should be closer than the scoreline indicates - I feel with a week to prepare for 8.11 and just generally seeming like a more prepared team with a solid game plan. I feel these alone should be enough to carry them past the finish line against a one-dimensional JWSS team. Though if you’re lower on the leaderboards and want to take a risk to jump up - a bet on JWSS might just turn out very well especially with great odds.

Current Odds: CCK (85.27%) vs. WRS (14.73%)

A lot of this matchup should come down to how both bottom lanes stack up. Especially in the ‘B’ Division, a lot of priority has been given to bottom lanes and drafting around hyper carries. However, CCK will always have an edge up against other B Division teams with their Mid Lane and reigning Champion Ashton ‘Babylife’ Lim. Although he had a slow start in week 1, expect him to be a larger factor coming into the later stages of the playoffs. 

Also, given how 8.11 shakes up the meta especially in the Bottom Lane; with CCK having a willingness to swap up instead of simply playing hyper carries in the bottom lane, this should give them an edge in the meta.

Final Call:

CCK should still take the series in the end. Although, if they look as shaky as they did in the previous week, expect WRS to put up a strong fight and take at least a game. 


Sunday, 24 June - ‘A’ Division

Current Odds: ITE (45.98%) vs. TP (54.02%)

TP’s performance so far is underwhelming, to say the least. With extremely sloppy games in the Quarterfinals, it’s understandable that the odds aren’t very high in TP’s favor. However, I’m willing to make the bet that TP didn’t treat the previous games with the same gravitas that they will from now on especially after dropping a game in a series they really shouldn’t have been at any risk of losing. 

Despite that, TP still showed an ability to play around multiple threats with Tan ‘Yone’ Jia Xuan in the Top Lane and Timothy ‘Ciela’ Lim in the Bottom Lane being notable standout performers who played a large part in dragging TP to the Semifinals. If they want to move past ITE, the rest of the team would need to start picking up the slack and performing like they were expected to.

ITE, on the other hand, had a convincing first week with Jungler Marco ‘penguinn’ Ngooi leading the charge performing better than most were expecting from them honestly. However, TP is a different beast from the NP roster they took down. Assuming normal performances from both sides, it would be hard to bet against TP. 

Final Call:

TP should take this series, and with the odds being so even it would be a good choice to bet on them. However, depending on the forms of penguinn against Shawn ‘Soul’ Lim who frankly had an underwhelming performance in the Quarterfinals, penguinn might be able to pull off a miracle for his team. 

Every bet against TP is a bet on penguinn who currently sits at #25 on the Challenger ladder. I personally believe that will be enough for ITE to take a game thus TP 2:1.

Current Odds: SP (14.45%) vs. NYP(85.55%)

NYP got through their Quarterfinals matches without a hitch, primarily off stellar performances from Ken ‘Raven’ Goh as expected. Though SP put on a decent showing themselves, it was against a vastly weaker opponent than NYP faced and even then did not truly impress.

This series should be a clear cut 2-0 Victory for the side of NYP. Expect a non-factor Top Lane matchup, with a clear Mid Jungle victory for NYP leading them to success. The only place SP stand maybe a chance is in the Bottom Lane and even that is unlikely.

Final Call:


The easiest match to call for all the Semifinals matches. This should be a pretty straightforward 2-0 win for NYP on their way to the Finals.


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Grand Finals

All the 8 teams will be taking the stage at the SGCL 2018 Grand Finals. We’re happy to announce that you can start registering for the Grand Finals now to make sure you get that confirmed entry with your exclusive Candy Cane Miss Fortune skin card! More information can be found on our Grand Finals page.


However, the final matchups will only be updated after our Semifinals conclude (ie: who will be taking part in the 3rd Place Playoffs and who will be going head to head to determine who are our new Champions in the Grand Finals).