SGCL 2018: Meet Your Semifinalists20.06.2018

The dust has finally settled and we’ve got our Top 4 B Division teams and Top 4 A Division teams in Singapore. Here’s a TL;DR version of the article for players who just want the low-down on they can get their hands on some Semifinals action:


  • B Division Semifinals: 3PM-9PM, Saturday (June 23)

  • A Division Semifinals: 3PM-9PM, Sunday (June 24)

  • You can catch all the matches live at

  • You get 2x more points for M1 Pick’em during Semifinals, so don’t forget to predict your winners! (OMO’s guide will be coming up shortly if you’re still unsure on who to root for!) 

  • The SGCL Grand Finals page is now LIVE and you can start registering for a confirmed seat + exclusive Candy Cane Miss Fortune skin card for Grand Finals!


Here is the full schedule of SGCL 2018 Semifinal matches for the upcoming weekend if you are looking to root for one school in particular!


B Division Semifinals


It looks as though SGCL 2018 is a year of upsets for the B Division crew as almost all the experienced teams (2 of them being the Top 3 schools from last year) were knocked out in the Quarterfinals. As the only remaining beacon of hope, will Chua Chu Kang Secondary manage to stand strong as a reminder of old faith or will the three new contenders usher in a new era and dethrone the reigning B Division Champs?



Hwa Chong (HCI)

Player to look out for: xzk


Well-known for his Zoe in solo-q, xzk automatically demanded 2 respect bans from Tanglin in the Quarterfinals match that we saw. With that being said, he managed to keep his other comfort picks close to his chest and snagged Taliyah for both the Quarterfinal games. With several game-making Weaver Walls and impressive KDAs for both games (4/1/7 and 2/0/9 respectively), it looks like xzk will be a force to be reckoned with.


Jurong West Secondary (JWSS)

Player to look out for: Jef


The only campus player who had the audacity to whip out a Draven in response to a Xayah-Rakan enemy combo, Jef certainly can roll with the punches and is no stranger to dangerous situations. Contributing to 16 out of 27 of his team’s kills in G2 of his Quarterfinals match, we’re sure that Jef will put up a good showing in the semifinals against wangers.



Chua Chu Kang Secondary (CCK)

Player to watch out for: Babylife


Despite his questionable 1v5 flash in Game 1 of the CCK Quarterfinals match, Babylife is still a huge presence in the B Division scene with the amount of experience he has (both in our previous editions of SGCL as well as from his stint in Headhunters). As the only surviving member from the original CCK Champion team, let’s see if Babylife can end off his B Division spree with a 3rd Championship.


Woodlands Ring Secondary (WRS)


Player to watch out for: mushmallow

With his claim to fame being the only one (in both A and B Division) to bag a Pentakill in the Quarterfinals, mushmallow has been constantly dealing out metric tonnes of damage as well as pressure in the bot lane with his trustworthy companion xPandoro. His explosive nature would ensure that the bottom lane of WRS is an exciting one to keep an eye on.



A Division Semifinals

The powerhouses from last year's playoffs are all back and raring to go - the only exception being Ngee Ann Polytechnic who got knocked out by our very own ITE College West. With the way things are playing out, it's hard to predict if we would end up seeing a rematch between Temasek Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic in our Grand Finals this year but one thing's for sure: we will definitely get some awesome Semifinals matches.


ITE College West (ITE)

Player to watch out for: penguinnn


Giving this boy his Lee Sin is just a recipe for trouble. The Captain and Jungler for the ITE team has shown the ease at which he manipulates the blind monk and how his daring plays can help in cementing a spot for his team in the SGCL A Division Semifinals.


Temasek Polytechnic (TP)

Player to watch out for: Ciela


Despite the questionable start to their quarterfinals due to an early death from Ciela, he more than made up for it in the following matches as Xayah. He managed to close out the next two games as a 10/2/5 and 8/1/9 feathered rebel respectively. As the ‘outsider’ to the rest of the close-knit TP team, all eyes will be on Ciela to see if he’ll be able to gel with his team and pull out some stunning team plays.


Singapore Polytechnic (SP)

Player to watch out for: Ener


One half of the formidable Singapore Poly bot lane duo, it’s not a question of Ener’s skill or mechanics anymore. Instead, it’ll be interesting to see how the aggressive ADC of SP matches up against the unpredictable plays of NYP’s Shinsekai. Would Ener's time away from the competitive League scene help or harm his upcoming matches?


Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)

Player to watch out for: Raven


As the number one Challenger in our server, it’s probably no surprise that we’d focus our sights on what Raven does in the mid lane. Showing off some deft moves as Zoe and Irelia in his Quarterfinals matches, it’s exciting to see what else this youngster can bring to the table and what tricks SP might concoct together in order to combat the insurmountable pressure Raven presents.


Don’t forget to tune in to the matches this weekend ( and see what these boys have to offer as they go all out and try their best to fulfill their dreams in becoming our local Campus Champions.


Grand Finals

We’re happy to announce that you can start registering for the Grand Finals now to make sure you get that confirmed entry with your exclusive Candy Cane Miss Fortune skin card! More information can be found on our Grand Finals page.


However, the final matchups will only be updated after our Semifinals conclude (ie: who will be taking part in the 3rd Place Playoffs and who will be going head to head to determine who are our new Champions in the Grand Finals).


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