SLS 2017: Semifinals and Finals01.08.2017

We’re down to our Elite - the Top 4 teams in Singapore. Out of these 4 teams, one very special team will have the honour of becoming our first Singapore Legends Series (SLS) 2017 Champions. For those who missed out on the action last weekend, here is what went down:

The teams from the Winners bracket showed that they rightfully deserved their positions as they took victories across the board to move on to the next stage of our SLS journey: the Semifinals.

Both Semifinals will be played on Saturday at Gam3.Asia @ Marina Square. We’re happy to announce that this time round, friends and family of our players are welcome to come down and support them in their endeavour to prove themselves in the throes of battle. Our players will have more information on how you can sign up for seats so do give them a holler if you’re interested in going down to support them! For those who aren’t affiliated with any team in particular but still want to go down to check it out, please feel free to do so but there might not be guaranteed seats for you! 


Sovereign (SVR)

Player to look out for: Mexilew

Previously of Vestigial and Bangtan Swoop fame, Mexilew is no stranger to the competitive scene despite taking a break last season. Some naysayers might question if his skills have dulled during his sabbatical but Martin ‘Mexilew’ Lew showed that his a-clicking skills have not left him with his impressive Caitlyn and Tristana in the Quarterfinals. 

Impunity (IMP)

Player to look out for: Dantiz

Part of Team Corgi’s dual bot-lane last split, Dantiz is another name commonly heard in unison with the rags-to-riches story of Team RP. Despite being relatively new to the scene, Dantiz has made enough waves to be noticed. Noticeably expanding his champion pool since then, this ADC is a force to be reckon with.

When in Bangtan Swoop, Mexilew only appeared for one specific match and that was against the then-Team Corgi’s Dantiz. Mexilew was handed a loss back then but this time round, it looks like the tribe has spoken and a rematch is inevitable. It’s time to settle this once and for all - who is the better ADC?


Resurgence (RSG)

Player to look out for: EternaL

The GPS jungler with many names, RSG EternaL also played under the alias RG cyh and NyZ Alexis and was once lauded as Singapore’s best jungler. However, while teams have been previously preparing for the split, it seems like there was a period where RSG EternaL wasn’t as active - with Resurgence’s top laner, Daniel ‘Revive’ Tan standing in as the Jungler for the recent Gam3.Pro Cup. The two games in the Quarterfinals so far have just shown him on one champion - Gragas, will he be able to bring it for the Semifinals?

Not Your Zone (NyZ)

Player to look out for: Yohno

NyZ Yohno is part of the Not Your Zone roster from previous split that stuck around. This feisty Korean enjoys a similar reputation to that of RSG EternaL, with much praise given to his proactive plays across the map. Similar to his opponent in the Semifinals, we were only able to see Yohno on his Lee Sin for both games of the Quarterfinals. With both Junglers from each team not showing their hand in the earlier stages, preferring to stick to tried and true drafts and champions, will we be in for a surprise in the Semifinals?

The winner of each Semifinal will then proceed to the SLS Grand Finals, happening the very next day (Sunday, 6 Aug) from 3PM - 8PM. The teams will be duking it out in a Best-of-5 series to see who is worthy to be crowned Singapore’s first ever SLS Champions.

Catch all the action live over at our YouTube or on Facebook Live.