SLS Spring 2018 Finals: Sovereign claims crown14.03.2018

The rivalry between Resurgence and Sovereign did not disappoint. In what seemed like a never-ending finals full of momentum swings, Sovereign eventually emerged victorious to claim the Singapore Legends Series (SLS) Spring 2018 Championship. 
Finals Recap and Highlights
The defending champions Resurgence secured the first 6 kills of Game 1 to send a strong message to the contenders. Sovereign would not back down, eventually willing themselves to even the kill score at 11-11 for the comeback win at 46 minutes. Sovereign then carried the momentum and raced to a 6k gold lead 18 minutes into game 2. Resurgence showed their grit and came close to a comeback, but with 4 dragons in Sovereign’s pocket, the early deficits proved insurmountable. 
With their backs against the wall, Wayne “CraliX” Aw was subbed in to jungle over EternaL, hoping to change the dynamics of battle and breathe new hope to a devastated roster. Even though CraliX has always competed in the mid lane, the veteran prodigy showed great understanding of the game and powered Resurgence to a dominating 27-minute win in Game 3.
As the pressure intensified, both teams played cautiously in Game 4 but it was Resurgence who started to show cracks under the weight upon their shoulders. Sovereign clawed to a sizable gold lead and took down 3 members at 27 minutes, immediately turning their sights onto Baron. The story could have taken a turn for the greatest comeback ever in the Singapore scene when Raven’s Taliyah stole the Baron with his threaded volley (Q).  However, Sovereign was not fazed, immediately wrestling the momentum back in their favour and marched to the Nexus to claim Game 4 and their crown.
Garena Premier League Spring 2018
Sovereign will be representing Singapore in the upcoming GPL Spring 2018 happening in Bangkok from the 28th March to 1st April. More information about GPL 2018 can be found here. Do stay tuned for more updates as the other regions’ representatives get finalized this weekend at their respective local finals.