Sovereign heads to Bangkok for LoC: Series II Finals03.01.2018

In our closing tournament for 2017, we managed to lock down the Singapore representatives for the upcoming Legion of Champions: Series II Grand Finals in Bangkok, Thailand. The Singapore qualifiers for the Legion of Champions: Series II tournament were a whirlwind - a total of 54 teams tried their hand at winning the grand prize of 1,500 SGD and a trip to Bangkok as Singapore’s official representatives in the Grand Finals.

Of the two Qualifiers held over separate weekends, 4 of the strongest teams carved their way to the Semifinals: Sovereign, Resurgence, CRG 2.0, and 치즈 김밥 (Cheese Kimbab). These four teams battled it out fiercely from 16-17 December at the recently revamped Spout Arena and here are the results.


Sovereign 2 - 0 치즈 김밥

Despite not fielding their original support Kra (of All-Star fame), who was away on a family trip, Sovereign was still able to pull off clean games without a hitch with their reserve Kusuo and achieved a 2-0 score in their Semifinals against 치즈 김밥 (consisting of several prominent NyZ members).

Resurgence 2 - 0 CRG 2.0

The reigning Singapore Legends Series champions, Resurgence, showed us exactly why they deserved that title as they stormed through the Semifinals with aplomb, making it through to the Finals with a definitive 2-0.

3rd/4th Placing Match

치즈 김밥 2 - 1 CRG 2.0

With the difference between the prizes being cold, hard cash and in-game currency, 치즈 김밥 and CRG 2.0 had one of the fiercest games we’ve seen in a bit. CRG 2.0 looked to be dominating in the early stages of the Bo3, winning the first game of the series on the backs of Dantiz and Blaire (who were also Singapore’s representatives in the recently concluded All-Stars).

However, 치즈 김밥 managed to turn the tides after that first game and ended up winning 3rd place as well as 500 SGD with a reverse sweep. Despite putting up a good fight, CRG 2.0 will receive 2500 RP for ending off Legion of Champions: Series II in the 4th place.


Sovereign 2 - 1 Resurgence

Seemingly scripted, the two titans who fought against each other in the Finals of the previous Legion-sponsored tournament (the Legion Singapore League held at GameStart 2017) were once again facing off for the Championship title. 

This time round, Sovereign brought their A-game. The fight was nothing like the GameStart stage, where Resurgence showcased their dominating in-game prowess and individual mechanics. With much to prove and nothing to lose, Sovereign created history by taking down the local champions in an imperious fashion. 

As the champions of the Legion of Champions: Series II Singapore Qualifiers, Sovereign walks away with 1,500 SGD as well as the chance to be Singapore’s official representatives at the Legion of Champions: Series II Grand Finals in Bangkok, Thailand in January 2018. Resurgence was awarded 1,000 SGD in light of their second place finish. 


Legion of Champions: Series II Grand Finals

Sovereign will be facing off against other regional representatives who have clawed their way through their respective local qualifiers - Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

Besides bragging rights, a prize pool for 15,000 USD is also up for grabs in the epic showdown that will be happening from January 26-28.

*All photos courtesy of Spout Arena