Sunway Feature: Will They Bring Home the Glory?17.04.2017

If you don't know it yet, we are nearing the date of the Malaysia Campus League (MYCL) finals! It is happening on the 22 and 23rd of April 2017 at Sunway University, so be sure to put your assignments on hold and cheer for your varsity representatives!

Last week, we announced some of the teams who will be competing to win the amazing prizes worth RM4000! Not only that, the champion gets to go home with Cooler Master peripherals and also the chance to play at LICC in China!

Since Sunway University is hosting the event, they will be sending out two teams to try and seize the ultimate grand prize in this upcoming tournament.

Get to know your Sunway University representatives!


ZEGG is one of the two Sunway University representatives and they are comprised of seven boys. The team who has been training together since a week before the MYCL qualifiers says that they would normally practice every night at the comfort of their own place. According to their team captain, their strength lies in their abilities to make early plays around mid lane and snowball the game from there on. When asked about how they feel regarding having the chance to compete at an international level they said, "It is definitely a very exciting experience, since it allows casual players like us to have a taste of what the e-sport scene is like."


The second team to represent Sunway University was formed through the internet. The team who has been practicing hard since about a week before the team was formed would usually synchronize their time to practice together when they have no classes. Talk about teamwork!

"We think our communication is good and we listen to the orders of our commander."

According to them, they thought that the Garena Student Alliance is a good initiative to connect all gamers from different universities across Malaysia. Aside from that, they are excited about the prospect of playing at the League of Legends International Collegiate Championship in China.

"If we can make it, it will be a very good chance for us to explore more. We would really appreciate the opportunity if we have it."

There you have it folks, these are your Sunway representatives! If you want to know more about the Sunway University teams, check out their Facebook page here:

So have you decided on your favourite teams? Don't forget to cheer on them in the upcoming MYCL Grand Final! In case you missed the MYCL League of Legends Team Feature, you can check it out here.

See you at Sunway University soon, summoners!