Taiwan Excellence Intercollege Battleground | Registrations Open17.05.2018

Are you a university student? Here’s your chance to gather your friends and participate in the biggest university esports tournament in Malaysia - Taiwan Excellence Intercollege Battleground!


UPDATE: Registration is now open for KDU College, First City University College and TAR College!


How do you register?

  1. Head over to https://events.taiwanexcellence.org/teib2018/

  2. Click on the university logo

  3. Scroll down until you see the League of Legends logo.

  4. Read the rules, and click Register.

  5. Read the instructions & register your team!


I’m not from the same university as my friends, are we allowed to form a team?

Yes! As long as you’re a university student, your teammates can be from a different university.


I’m not from the university tournament is held, can I participate?

Yes, unless stated, you’re able to join the tournament.


Is there a prize for participating in the qualifiers?

Yes, here’s the breakdown!

Qualifier Prize Pool:

  • Champion - RM1,000
  • 1st Runner Up - RM 800
  • 2nd Runner Up - RM 500


How do I qualify for the main event?

If you’re the champion of the qualifier, you’ll secure a slot in the main event!


What’s the prize pool of the main event?

Main Event Prize Pool

  • Champion - RM 10,000
  • 1st Runner Up - RM 5,000
  • 2nd Runner Up - RM 3,000