TLC Caster Desk | Fatal5Way01.08.2017



The Legends Circuit (TLC) Malaysia: Summer 2017 will see it’s Grand Finals held at Selangor Cyber Games on 12-13 August, 2017! Who better to give you eSports fans the latest updates and insights on the Top 4 battle than our new batch of League of Legends Shoutcasters!


A familiar face from the last Malaysia Campus League (MYCL) back in April, Gideon ‘Fatal5Way’ Khew is making the most of his time spent in the local eSports scene.





Breaking away from traditional commentary, the opportunity of working with the Garena production team that makes it all happen is the biggest reward other than the lights and cameras.


"It's not an orthodox job and it is definitely niche. Also, it's not just about having a suitable voice that fits the stream but it's more about working with the production crew and other casters to ensure a good show for the fans.


"The best part is when you've lined up the right things to say even when there is so much happening as you think. The toughest part is when you feel under prepared in regards to things like Patch Notes but you end up learning to shake all the rust as you go on. It's important to be in the right mindset before going into a live cast.” he added.




It seems most of our casters can agree on the remarkable run for Eternity Esports (eE). The same goes for Fatal5Way who believe eE have taken the league by storm and have done so as a united team of five talented individuals.


"Eternity Esports have proven themselves this season because they have so much potential. They pull the trigger at the right moments and it's helped them get this far.


"404 has shown that he is able to make big decisions for his team but more importantly, he makes it count. He's been very consistent and he does his job very well by making calculated risks. It's not just luck and to be honest I'm really impressed with his form as eE captain.


The TLC Grand Finals will take place at Selangor Cyber Games from 12 - 13 August, 2017! Catch Fatal5Way and the rest of the Malaysian On-Air team live at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya or tune in to the livestream at!