TLC Caster Desk | Qontra27.07.2017




The Legends Circuit (TLC) Malaysia: Summer 2017 will resume it’s Playoff stages this weekend! Who better to give you eSports fans the latest updates and insights on the Top 4 battle than our new batch of League of Legends Shoutcasters!


Aaron 'Qontra' Chan is 23 years-old and lives for the Mid Lane. In the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing more of him in the Caster seat calling out those who call the shots! Here’s how he went from the center of the Rift to the center of attention.





For Qontra, the thought of being the voice of League of Legends in Malaysia never crossed his mind but admits finding your preferred style can be difficult at first before you actually start improving your commentary for each game.


“I never thought of becoming one but I’ve been playing League for 7 years now. Me and my friends used to play competitively in a few tournaments and it was the Shoutcasters from these events that made me realize how much of an impact it brought to the crowd.


“Finding your identity as a caster is the biggest yet most rewarding challenge as there are different styles as can be seen from other regions. Yes, it will take some time and honestly it took me the longest but I’ve picked up the pace in recent weeks. There’s just so much that happens on screen!.” he added.


When asked about his picks for the TLC Grand Finals, Qontra concedes that Kuala Lumpur Hunters are a shoe-in for the finals. However, the race for No.2 is neck-and-neck between Orange Esports Swestic (ORS) and Eternity Esports (eE).





“Personally, I feel it would be a close contest between eE and ORS to make into the finals against KLH. Without a doubt, eE has improved the most this split but I still think ORS will narrowly go through in the end.


The same goes for the two opposing Mid Laners as the match-up between Lee ‘Kirino’ Kaiwen and Megat ‘Wendy’ Badrul could be one to savour in the TLC Playoffs. The two teams met in Week 1 which finished even for both teams - as well as for both players head-to-head.





“I’m excited to see the Mid Lane battle between eE Wendy and ORS Kirino. I don’t have to say much about these two talented players.. Other than the fact that they are very very young and Malaysia should be proud to have them.” he concluded.


 The TLC Playoffs will commence from 29 - 30 July, 2017! Catch Huskkiee and the rest of the Malaysian On-Air team live at!