TLC MY Group Stage: Week 1 Day 306.06.2017


As we enter the final day of the first week of TLC Summer Malaysia, there were still many unanswered questions left in the air. The first game of the day placed Kuala Lumpur Hunters against Eternity eSports as both teams were playing a pseudo state match, with the former representing KL and the latter holding the flag of Penang.







‘Wombo combo’, that was the mindset Eternity had while drafting their composition against the Hunters. With Jarvan and Gragas to spearhead the front line with Varus and Orianna to follow from long range, eE had a strong teamfighting composition but their execution needed to be on point for them to have any chance against the Hunters.


On the flip side, KLH went for extremely strong champions that could bully their lanes early on with Olaf drafted to help counter-gank for their laners. This ensures KLH have a smooth early game and are able to transition it into a strong mid game phase.

Draft for Game 1






KLH put their composition into good use and placed enormous amounts of pressure on three lanes early on. Shiro on his Kennen had a good early lead against Jarvan and even forced him to base early on. However, he overextended in lane and gave first blood courtesy of a gank from Emotion. That kill that would translate into greater things in the latter stages. Nevertheless, KLH continued their rampage and built a 3k gold lead against their opponents from the north.Eternity showed the Hunters they came to play; on the back of Eren’s legendary Jarvan, they constantly went even in team fights and rotated well throughout the game, putting pressure on the Hunters, ultimately swinging the gold-lead towards their favour.


Both teams were neck and neck, waiting for one another to make a mistake and one finally arrived which sparked a team fight to break out.


Wendy saw an opportunity to catch Bipolar and QaspieL with his ‘Shockwave’ and went for it. This forced a close fight which left both teams showing flashin health bars but the advantage went to Eternity, taking an inhibitor in the process.


Things were looking good for the team from Penang and it looked even better when Eren solo killed Shiro at the bottom inhibitor turret, enabling eE to destroy another inhibitor. However, that would be the last piece of good news Eternity eSports would hear for the rest of the game as the Hunters bit back. Seemingly out of nowhere, the Hunters took the fight to Eternity near Baron and won it with an ironfist and the Baron followsuit. Eren then got caught out by the Hunters which allowed KLH to grab an Elder Dragon which enabled KLH to push into eE’s base. One last fight broke out and it was KLH who came out on top and took home Game 1.







The 2nd game saw an entirely different draft for both teams. KLH decided to play a protect the Veki Kog’Maw composition by picking Orianna, Lulu and Galio to support the juggernaut whist Eternity, who opted to sub in xPulse in the AD Carry position, decided to play a pick off composition, confident in taking out the Hunters one champion at a time.

Draft for Game 2




eE started off the game with a dream pick off onto ArrHedge’s Orianna and Wendy took first-blood by killing the mid laner. From there, it was the Wendy show and the Hunters had front row seats. The young mid laner continuously roamed the map trying to make plays for the team and at 20 minutes, had a 89% kill participation for his team. This allowed eE to snowball and slowly find more objectives on the map and garner an advantage for themselves and once again, just like in Game 1, they were in the driver’s seat.


Eternity kept their feet on the throttle on constantly picked off KLH, executing their composition extremely well. However, KLH had a trump card up their sleeves, Veki’s Kog’ Maw and while eE largely were able to control the tempo of the game, Veki kept his farm high and manage to find a few kills throughout the game.


And at 31 minutes, the Hunters came back, Juggermaw was online.


A great ultimate from ArrHedge saw KLH kill off two of eE’s carries and the Hunters were in prime position to take Baron but Emotion came in like a ‘rekting’ ball and stole baron away but at the cost of his own life. The game was now even stevens. eE made some great calls to out-rotate the Hunters and grab a few free turrets to once again create a small gold lead; however, the Penang team could not stop KLH’s rampage and after a great ultimate from Shiro which saw him knock-up all 5 members of eE, allowing Veki to dish out all the damage from a safe position.


With that KLH manage to grab a clean 4 for 0 exchange and destroy the nexus

Someone call for a 5man knock-up?.



Final Score: Kuala Lumpur Hunters 2 - 0 Eternity eSports




The 2nd game of the day saw Orange eSports SwestiC playing against TWICE & with the latter losing their first series 2-0, they desperately needed to grab wins and secure their first points in the league.







TWICE drafted a rather questionable team composition in Game 1 with champions that had no real synergy with one another whereas Orange eSports took a more traditional approach and picked champions that had good engage and pick off potentials.




The game was in control for one team from start to finish as Orange eSports started strong by stringing a few kills together for everyone on the team and started to out rotate their opponents and slowly dismantle their opponents. It felt like everything was just going against TWICE as every time there was a fight, many team members of Orange eSports would survive by the skin of their teeth. Ultimately, this was a rather straightforward game coming out from Orange eSports and they managed to close out the game in a very methodical fashion in 25 minutes with a kill score of 17-3. 







After playing 3 games of carry top laners, ORS finally decided to change things around and put Rexion on a tank, Galio; thus, changing the playstyle of the whole team around by putting Kirino on Jayce and Snatcher on Elise. On the other hand, TW went for an extremely late game team composition and hoped they would be able to drag the game out to a stage where their Viktor and Gangplank would be able to do enough damage to kill everyone ORS straight up.





Thankfully for TWICE they started Game 2 positively by taking two early kills and getting a small lead ahead of Orange eSports. However, ORS showed why they were the runner-up last season and played the map perfectly and took objectives away from TW one at a time & even though TWICE constantly had the kill lead, they always behind in gold.


Orange understood cross map plays and always made sure if TWICE took a kill, they would trade it off for something much more important. An example of this was when Kirino trade his life in order for his team to secure the Baron buff. From there, it was just way too hard for TWICE to comeback and with a 10k gold lead to their name, ORS surgically ended the game, taking two inhibitors and finally destroying the nexus.


Final Score: Orange eSports SwestiC 2 - 0 TWICE


After 3 days of jam packed actions, we are starting to understand how each team wants to play and what to realistically expect from everyone. One thing is for sure, Eternity eSports showed everyone that Kuala Lumpur Hunters are definitely beatable and surely teams will be reviewing the games over and over again to try and spot any potential areas where they can exploit the Hunters and get an advantage for themselves.


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