TLC MY W2D1: KLH tame FDG, 4moD falter to ORS.10.06.2017

By Matthew 'Camou' Chan

Four days without any League action is too long for anyone’s liking and we are finally back with the 2nd week of TLC Summer 2017! So how do we kick things off? By breaking things out of the norm. The first game of the day saw, for the first time since the inception of The Legend Circuit, two full professional teams battle it out. 

Game 1 - Challenging the Top Dog

Team Composition

The Hunters drafted a very similar team composition in their second game against Eternity eSports by picking a late game composition with double marksmen in Kog’Maw ADC and Kennen top whilst FDG took a more aggressive route by drafting champions with strong pick potential in Varus, Jarvan and Elise. In order for FDG to win they would need to win the early game and snowball the advantage, ending the game before Kog’Maw and Kennen gets their important items.

Draft for Game 1

In the early game, things looked very positive for the Dragons and they manage to stand toe to toe against the reign champions even securing themselves an early lead. However, KLH did not let up and kept on fighting back and manage to put the game on a huge swing after winning a big fight in the bottom lane, allowing the Hunters to control the tempo of the game. From there on, KLH slowly built their advantage with superior macro play and better team coordination and once the game hit 30 minutes, Kog’ Maw and Kennen were just way too far ahead and dished out damage which were too much for the Dragons to withstand. At 33 minutes, KLH managed to ace FDG and destroy the nexus in one smooth push. 1-0 KLH.

Game 2 - Form is Temporary; Class is Permanent 

Team Composition

In the 2nd game, both teams largely kept the main core of their composition with some slight alterations. KLH maintained the double marksman strategy but this time took Cassiopeia in the mid lane to supply more damage in teamfights whereas FDG took the Lee Sin away from QaspieL to try snowball the early game for themselves.

Things were completely different in the 2nd game and KLH made it seem like they were the ones with the early game composition and had the advantage as soon as the took their first kill. The Hunters straight up won all their lanes and slowly rotated their advantage to push together as a team, taking objectives away from FDG one at a time. At 26 minutes with a 14k gold lead to their name, the Hunters once again ace-d their opponents and ended the game, taking all three points.

Here’s a bonus picture of JLKC looking super tilted, by literally, being tilted.

Final Score : Fire Dragoon 0 - 2 Kuala Lumpur Hunters

The 2nd series of the day saw a lot of historically value with two super old names within the scene battling it out against one another - 4moD and Orange eSports.

Game 1 - Fight Fire with Fire

Team Composition
4moD decided to stick to things that they were familiar with by drafting 3 same champions as their last game against KLH while ORS decided to swap things around and go with an AoE composition with Kha’ Zix and Xayah as their main damage source. Once again, the game plan for 4moD was plain and simple, own the early game and not let ORS reach a stage where Vladimir becomes unkillable.

Game Review:
4moD started off with a dream start with things going according to plan as they picked up two early kills for their solo laners and taking an early lead for the game. However, Orange manage to withhold the early attacks and slowly claw their way back into the game through smart shotcalling, taking ideal fights and good macro decisions. Even though, 4moD’s star player Atup was wreaking havoc with a kill score of 6/1/2 at one point of the game, Orange’s team coordination was just way too strong and they managed to finish off the game within 25 minutes, showing everyone that they are hungry to win TLC.

Game 2 - Maintaining Momentum

Team Composition

After feeling confident from winning Game 1, Orange decided to pick an extremely aggressive early game team comp focused on winning lanes and stomping the enemy by 15 minutes. On the other hand, 4moD opted to draft a late game team comp with Atup picking his notorious Jax, hoping to be able to carry his team with his pocket pick.

Game Analysis:

As earlier in the day, the 2nd game of the series was just a straight-up slaughter show and 4moD had no chance whatsoever in the game. As soon as the minions spawn, Orange eSports was in full throttle not letting up one single bit. They crushed their lanes and ensure their opponents had no way back into the game by constantly taking advantages across the map, not giving any inches for 4moD and at 22 minutes, Orange eSports was already knocking down the nexus turrets with a kill score of 22-6, firmly asserting their dominance over their opponents.

Final Score : 4moD 0 - 2 Orange eSports

As the 2nd week starts opening its eyes, more teams are getting into the groove of the league and players are starting to stand out. KLH QaspieL showed a masterclass in the jungle and dominated Xare, abusing his inexperience in the role. However, with more games coming up in the next couple of days, TLC Summer is definitely here to bring more hype and excitement to everyone across the nation. 

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