TLC MY W2D2: Welcome to the Big League13.06.2017

By Matthew 'Camou' Chan

The 2nd day kicked off with two teams hungry for victory, but for completely different reasons. Fire Dragoon needed to show their prowess as a professional gaming team and bring home their first 2-0 series win in the league while TWICE had to find their feet after failing to win any matches after 2 series.

Big Boys Showing Up

From this game, it was clear who wanted the win more and that was FDG. They showed that losing to KLH yesterday was not going to deter them and promptly showed everyone that they were indeed a force to be reckon with in the League. However, instead of just looking at this win as a normal 2-0 win over another team, this game showed FDG could play different styles and still be extremely comfortable. 

Draft of Game 1

In Game 1, FDG opted into playing a “win-lane, win-game” composition by drafting strong laners as well as Kha’ Zix to help facilitate the laners into a strong mid game whereas TW picked an old-fashion AoE composition with Jarvan acting as the delivery man for the Orianna ball. In the end however, it was FDG who executed their plan almost to perfection as they were able to slowly win out all their lanes and bring down TW towers one by one. From there, FDG was able to create a big enough of a gold lead to stomp over their opponents and win out the game in 27 minutes.

Going into the 2nd game, TW tried to go all out in their draft and played a more carry-oriented comp with Graves in the Jungle and Shen in the top lane to protect the damage dealers. On the other hand, FDG changed up their style of play and went for a pick comp with huge AoE potential with their Orianna and Braum picks. 

Though the title of the said Game 2, it played out exactly like the first game and FDG were in a hot streak and everyone watching the stream knew. They were in the lead throughout the game and TWICE did not have any chance to comeback from their deficit at all and by 22 minutes, FDG managed to secure game 2 and finally bring home their first 3 points.

Player of the Series: JLKC
The TLC rookie continues to impress and continue to show that even though he is new, it is definitely not a problem for him and is slowly making a name for himself. In Game 1, his LeBlanc play was outstanding and he was able to outplay his opponents multiple times, earning a great number of kills in the same time. JLKC is definitely a player to look out for in the future and it will be interesting to see whether he will be able to continue to grow into one of the best mid players in our nation.

Final Score: Fire Dragoon 2 - 0 TWICE

In the second series of the day, TLC debutants Climax finally had a chance to show everyone what they were all about. With all 5 members having no previous TLC experience, Climax had one thing on their mind in their first game in TLC, go all out & proof your worth. While on the other end, 4moD had to start to string together a few wins if they were to dream about securing a place in the TLC playoffs.

Welcome to TLC

Many people were going into this game thinking it would be a straightforward win for 4moD as they had experienced members holding their front line. However, Climax stood strong and showed that this was not the case and manage to grab a victory for themselves in their first series, sharing the spoils with 4moD, ending the series 1-1.

Game 1 of the series was basically what many people expected on how the match between these two teams would play out. 4moD outclassed CLX in every single aspect of the game and manage to build an insane gold lead within the first 15 minutes of the game. The veteran team was making all the right plays - roaming, rotating and most important securing objectives to pull their lead even further. 

CLX’s game plan in the first game was to grab an early lead and try to snowball using their heavy pick composition; however, they were never in the position to do so and had to sit back and watch Nakji play a masterclass Orianna. In the end, 4moD manage to destroy CLX’s nexus in 27 minutes.

CLX however, was not down and out. It felt like something clicked within the team and they had a new spark to fight, to show everyone they were not going to be the team that gets bullied in the league. In game 2, Climax regrouped and drafted an all out engage comp with Kled and Zac to force fights whenever they wanted to whereas 4moD sticked to what they were comfortable with. The early game did not look good for Climax as they once again found themselves falling behind to 4moD, allowing the veteran team to garner a 2k gold lead in 11 minutes. 

Draft of Game 2

However, Climax started to come back and was slowly finding picks against 4moD and they were able to bring the gold lead back to level terms at 17 minutes. The game was literally even and both teams were constantly looking for a play that would allow them to break the game wide open. In the end, it was Climax who were the team that found the play and manage to cleanly ace 4moD and take down baron. From there, they were able to gather their thoughts and slowly end the game, bringing home the victory and winning their first point in the league in the process.

Player of the Series: CLX Zero

The ADC for Climax definitely showed up in the 2nd game and played a crucial role in his team’s victory over 4moD. Even though he lost out in farm in the early stages, he manage to claw his way back with great teamfight positioning and good utilization of his ultimate. 

Final Score: Climax 1 - 1 4moD

All in all, the 2nd day of this week’s matches has been absolutely entertaining with FDG finally showing up as people expected and Climax showing that was not going to be the pushovers in the league and will put a fight against any team in their way. 

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