TLC MY W2D3: KLH Bleeds13.06.2017

By Matthew 'Camou' Chan

The final day of the 2nd week saw teams from different ends of the League fighting it out with the first game of the day showcasing newcomers Climax going up against last split’s surprise pick - TWICE.

All Square Down Below

Many viewers were quite unsure on what to expect from the games between these two teams as both teams were still largely considered as huge questions marks in regards to the current League. This series exposed the inexperienced of both teams in a competitive setting as both games saw a high number of kills, something uncommon in professional play. In the end, it was only fair for the final score between the two teams to tie and finally giving TWICE their first point of the split after a lackluster start.

Game 1 of the series saw an all out brawl between the two teams with constant scrimmages and fights across the map. It was the debutants who started off well by grabbing a few early kills for themselves and ultimately a slim gold lead to boot. However, TWICE finally showed up after finally to win any of their previous games this split and started to win team fights to win themselves pressure across the map. 

Draft for Game 1

Once, TWICE found their rhythm, they didn’t let up and showed everyone the quality of play which allowed them to finish 3rd place last season. By dictating the tempo of the match, TWICE was able to slowly starve out Climax and eventually close out the game in 30 minutes with a kill score of 26-12.

The 2nd game of the day once again saw Climax off to a phenomenal start to the match with them picking up early kills across the map. The difference however, was this time around Climax had a great siege comp with Caitlyn and Zyra to poke out any potential champions who would want to defend their towers. 

This strategy proved to be tough for TWICE to deal with and they could never find their footing in this match as they were running a late game composition with Kassadin in the mid lane. Even though this game involved a lot of small fights between both teams, it was Climax who were able to close out the game with relatively ease as they were able to build a strong advantage for themselves, ultimately destroying TWICE’s nexus in 32 minutes.

Player of the Series: CLX Gelato
The mid laner for Climax showed up in both of their games and his impact was evident as he was the highest damage dealer for his team across both games. Albeit the lost in the first game, Gelato’s Syndra play in the early game was phenomenal as he manage to grab a few early kills for himself before TWICE strung a few kills for themselves, minimizing his overall impact in the game.

Final Score: Climax 1 - 1 TWICE

All eyes were on the 2nd series of the day as it was the replay of the previous split’s grand final - Kuala Lumpur Hunters vs Orange eSports.SwestiC. Though both teams have undergone slight line-up changes, it was still one of the most anticipated series in the league with many people wondering about the outcome.

Game 1 - Hunters Flex Their Muscles

Team Comp Analysis

KLH drafted a very composition which had huge pick potential from all 5 champions. The idea behind the comp was simple, try to catch one player out and stack CC on top of them and kill them off. On the other hand, ORS went all out and tried to play a strong early game comp and hoped to snowball from their strong laners in Lucian and Xayah with Galio protecting their carries in the later stages of the game.

Draft for Game 1

Game Review

The early game started off well from ORS as they manage to grab first-blood on Jarvan in top lane but KLH was determined to show who’s boss and started to make proactive plays across the map. They started by bringing down the whole village to the bot lane and managed to secure a couple of kills for ArrHedge’s Taliyah which would allow her to transition into a monster in the later stages of the game. KLH continued their cross map rampage and slowly made plays which enable them to create a respectable gold lead over their opposition. ORS were unable to dominate the early game as they hoped and could never get their double marksmen comp online while KLH kept the pressure on and used their abilities in perfect rotation to constantly look for pick offs and translate them into map objectives. 

To rub insult into injury, KLH’s ArrHedge was doing his best imitation of Faker and was an unkillable demon. His great utilization of Tayliah’s ultimate repeatedly allowed KLH to find more kills and top notch micro skills allowed him to regularly dish out high amounts of damage across the game. It was only fitting that KLH manage to end the game on the back of another one of his great ultimates which trapped ORS in an unfavourable position, allowing KLH to find multiple kills and open up ORS’ base, ultimately ending the game in 27 minutes.

One of the many great Weaver’s Wall by KLH ArrHedge during Game 1

Game 2 - Pocket Picks; Different Tricks

Team Comp Analysis

With a Nothing to Lose attitude (shoutout to NtL), ORS went for the speculator and drafted a high damage, low CC line up with Rumble in the mid lane and Rexion being able to pick one of his favourite champions, Fiora. KLH simply did not care and went for a more “meta” team comp with Galio in the mid lane and a poke heavy bottom duo in Varus and Zyra. 

Game Review

The early game was all KLH as the Hunters managed to pick up a few early kills through great individual play from their jungler, QaspieL. Things were looking like it was going all according to plan as KLH managed to seize up a 4k lead by 11 minutes but everything changed when the Hunters went diving for kills in the mid lane. KLH simply did not respect ORS’ high damage potential and paid the price for it by giving away 3 free kills by diving Orange’s mid outer turret, giving ORS a lifeline to hold on to. In the following 10 minutes, the game was extremely even as the gold difference between both teams never exceeded the 3k mark. 

Even so, the game was still in KLH’s hand as they were the ones controlling the tempo of the game and when they manage to catch out ORS SnatcheR near the mid lane, they thought they swung the game open; however, Orange eSports had other plans. After the kill on the jungler, KLH swiftly moved towards the Baron pit and tried to take the big purple worm down but a great team fight from Orange allowed them to turn the tides around and won the fight 4v5, largely due to the great positioning of ORS Rayz and his ultimate, Spray and Pray manage to pierce through all 5 KLH members repeatedly, doing as Phreak would say, ‘Tons of Damage’.

ORS Rayz’s pixel perfect position that allowed him to hit all 5 members of KLH in the team fight

With the Baron buff, ORS was now in the driving seat and started to pressure the map and used their Fiora to slowly split push, pressuring multiple lanes at once, ultimately breaking KLH’s base wide open by destroying all three inhibitors. However, it looked like ORS overstepped their boundaries when Kirino and Rexion lost their lives diving KLH in their base, allowing the Hunters a way back into the game. But it was too little too late as Orange eSports managed to find to regroup and subsequently took down 4 KLH members and with only Shiro left to defend, Orange took down the nexus, upsetting the Hunters.

Bonus Image of ORS SnatcheR screaming “Nice La” after winning the final team fight. 
Trust me, go check the VODs.

Player of the Series: ORS Rayz

It can’t be said enough how influenciential Rayz’s ultimate was during the team fight. His positioning and kiting was definitely on point and his play allowed Orange to get an advantage from themselves and ultimately win the game.

Final Score: Kuala Lumpur Hunters 1 - 1 Orange eSports.SwestiC

The last game was a perfect way for the 2nd week to come to a close and it showed that KLH were no gods in this tournament and can definitely bleed. This split of TLC action has made the local competitive scene much more exciting and we can only wait to see how the other players will show up.

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