TLC MY W4D3: The Final Stretch30.06.2017


As the league standing starts to shape itself to show who are the true contenders and who are the wannabes of the league, teams are becoming more and more desperate in scraping through wins, doing whatever they can to get the points. In the first game of the day, we saw Eternity eSports coming in hot after their win over Fire Dragoon, go up against 4moD, who were feeling the holiday fever already.

Eternity eSports vs 4moD

This series was extremely important for both teams as it meant crucial points for their playoff runs. Eternity were on an extreme high after snatching 3 points from FDG but needed another win to firmly secure themselves a playoff spot. On the other hand, 4moD had to to string some wins together if they wanted any chance at the top 4. However, both teams couldn’t display two strong games in a row and ended up sharing spoils between the two of them.

In Game 1, Eternity drafted a three damage carry composition with Karma and Alistar to provide peel and initiation for the team. 4moD went for kept their identity and picked Irelia in the top lane with a strong early game jungler in Olaf to help snowball the Irelia.

Draft for Game 1


The laning phase was dead even between both teams and there wasn’t really much to separate them. However, 4moD started to create an advantage for themselves as they were able to out rotate their enemies which allowed them to catch eE out for a few kills and an extra Infernal Drake to their name. Even then, the gold difference between the 2 teams was only at 2k which meant both teams still had a decent shot at winning the game but everything changed when both teams went for a team fight near the eE’s red buff at 25 minutes.

4moD had the idea of stealing away the red buff with Sak8’s Blitzcrank; however, it looked like it turned sour for the team when 404 managed to knock up 4 people with his Headbutt, Pulverize combo. Thankfully for 4moD, 404’s teammates were not in a good position to follow up on his engage and they were able to win out the fight with great target selection, which led them on grabbing the first Baron of the game.

404 catching out 4 members of 4moD but had no follow up from his team, resulting in them losing the fight.


With the Baron Buff, 4moD were in an extremely comfortable position and slowly took all of eE’s outer and inner turrets. At 32 minutes, Eternity went for a last ditch effort to win the game by engaging onto 4moD near their top inhibitor. However, 4moD were just way too far away and they were able to ace Eternity with relative ease, securing game 1 of the series.

In the 2nd game, 4moD decided to primarily keep their draft of Irelia and Olaf while Eternity eSports went back to their more comfortable style of a dive comp with Wendy and Eren on Ekko and Jarvan IV respectively. This game was a contrast to game 1 where Eternity decided to turn up a gear and went full out aggression in the laning phase. Emotion on his Lee Sin was basically everywhere as he was able to secure leads for all 3 of his lanes and by 15 minutes, eE were able to build a 4k gold lead with a kill lead of 14-6.

Eternity never let up and constantly put their foot on the gas, never allowing space for 4moD to come back into the game. They kept on forcing 4moD into small fights, which meant the team could not find the team to farm up and buy their key items. A clean team fight win was all Eternity were looking for and they finally found it when they decided to pull the trigger near 4moD’s blue buff, ace-ing the team and subsequently ending the game.

The Final Ace

Player of the Series: 4moD Atup

Atup has showed time and time again that he should still be considered one of the best top laners in the league after putting in great performances in his games. In this series against eE, he was absolutely influential in their win and was one of the shining spots in their lost. If 4moD wants to realistically challenge for a playoff spot and are looking for a win next week against Nirvana Gaming, they need to make sure their star player shows up again.

Final Score: Eternity eSports 1 - 1 4moD

The 2nd game of the day saw league leaders Kuala Lumpur Hunters play TLC debutants Climax, whom arguably has had an above average season so far but would need to reach a whole new level of play if they were to challenge the Hunters.

Kuala Lumpur Hunters vs Climax

The game went as everyone expected it to go, two clean and straightforward victories for the Hunters, once again showing their prowess in the league. Climax had next to no chance in the series with the Hunters comfortably closing out both games in around 25 minutes.

In the first game, Climax were looking pretty good in the early stages and were able to hold their own against KLH to keep the gold difference to an absolute minimal. However, once the Hunters started to rotate, the difference in class was obvious as KLH were able to find openings to exploit, ultimately creating a huge lead for themselves. Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, KLH had a huge gold lead in the back pocket and there was no looking back. Every time Climax tried a proactive play, the Hunters would retaliate and come back stronger and after the Hunters found another pick off near CLX’s base, they went for the win. 1-0 KLH.

Draft for Game 2

The 2nd game saw KLH run their Kennen and Galio combo whereas Climax looked like they were picking for fun as their team composition had little synergy. This game mimicked the first with one slight alteration, KLH were off the chopping blocks much earlier and managed to secure a few kills for themselves in the early game and by 13 minutes, KLH had a 4k gold lead for themselves. KLH continuously made huge gains on the map while CLX were always one step behind them, only collecting small consolation prizes. Though CLX were far behind, the game looked far from the end as the team still have plenty of turrets still alive. However, the Hunters had other ideas and ended the game in one swift push after they were able to slowly pick off CLX members, allowing them to take down the Baron which baited in the rest of CLX to die. With no members alive, KLH marched down the mid lane and ended the game.

Player of the Series: KLH Veki

Poon ‘Veki’ Kok Sing has once again impressed after only recently changing to the marksman position. In this series, he showed his diverse champion pool by picking Kalista, and absolutely schooling his enemies with the pick. He has a great ability to recognise good opportunities to do damage and great mechanics to boot. In both games, he played extremely well doing the most damage across both games and no doubt he will be an important member for the Hunters going into the playoff stage.

Final Score: Kuala Lumpur Hunters 2 - 0 Climax

With that, we have ended one month of TLC actions and with only one week left to play, the table is closer than ever. Will Fire Dragoon be able to win against Orange eSports and qualify for playoffs? Or will 4moD be able to pull up a surprise upset and bring home the victory against Nirvana and qualify for the final 4 themselves. Only one way to find out, tune in next week! Be sure to keep yourself up to date with all things TLC by going to!

To all summoners, Selamat Hari Raya! 
Here’s a bonus picture of 4moD Atup receiving some duit raya and embracing the festivities.