TLC MY Week 1: Big Wins, Big Losses!16.02.2017

The Legends Circuit (TLC) Malaysia concluded the first round of Group Stages and there was much to take note of. While some performances became noteworthy for the right reasons, some failed to deliver the goods.

With Week 2 just around the corner (later today actually), here are the biggest wins and losses to take away from the first round of TLC MY action:


SW, Mski & ORG pick up form
The Top 3 contenders to challenge reigning champions, KLH, were all business and no fuss as they established perfect records in their opening matches of their respective groups.


Swestic (SW) and Mineski-x (MSKI) will hope their triumphs at Lenovo League of Champions (LoC) and Selangor Cyber Games (SCG) can be replicated in the professional league. On the other hand, the new Orange E-Sports (ORG) look a polished side in comparison to last year’s team that failed to impress in TLC MY. 

No Veki, No problem for KLH

With their club stalwart & shotcaller, OzoraVeki moving on to newer pastures in the LMS, there was much debate on whether KLH could extend their dominance in the local scene. With 2016’s MVP, Qaspiel in their ranks and CoolKat returning to the squad, the newer KLH members were able to adapt and secure three early and important wins. 

Monochrome Souls put champions to the sword


An intense match-up between newcomers, Monochrome Souls and reigning champions, KLH was the highlight for Group C. Clearly the underdogs heading into the match, Monochrome Souls managed secured First Blood and kept the odds pretty even in the opening 20 minutes of the game. Nevertheless, the more experienced KLH ultimately won the game calmly picking their fights and pushing for objectives. 


Unlucky 818 go home empty handed

Unfortunately, an unexpected mishap forced 818 to withdraw from competition thus outright disqualifying them from TLC MY entirely. They will play no part in the upcoming Group A matches against Swestic, Fire Dragoon and Armageddon Gaming. 

Reality hits Despo hard!

Despite asserting themselves as East Coast champions and becoming the first Terengganu team to qualify for TLC MY, Despo failed to make the best of their opportunity against the very best that Malaysia has to offer. Going 0-3 in Week 1, Despo ended the night getting hammered 30-4 against Reformed. 


The East Coast side will hope to make full use of their chance at TLC knowing that an unprecedented win would lift the spirits of Terengganu fans especially. The fight isn’t over just yet for Despo!

No wins for AG, Boborica & HTF 

Armageddon Gaming, Boborica & HTF are three other teams yet to secure a win under their belt (excluding 818 & Despo already mentioned above). Nevertheless, they could possibly be the teams crazy enough to ruin your chances in TLC should they pick up a vital win at a pivotal moment. 



Who will prove their worth and advance into TLC MY Playoffs 2017? As mentioned above, tune-in to to watch all the live action from TLC MY every week!