TLC SG 2017: The Decisive W317.02.2017

We’re into our third week of TLC and it’s going to be a deciding week for a lot of the teams, especially those at the bottom of the leaderboard. For those of you who need a recap, has the standings as well as VODs. 

Of course, we'll be having a stream giveaway this weekend too. As per last week, we're giving you the option to choose any skin that's currently in-store, based on the champions that your chosen MVP was playing.

  • You can vote up to 3 times for your chosen MVP (one per match)
  • Ultimate/limited/reward skins will not be given out.
  • The giveaway is only limited to players from the Singapore/Malaysia server.
  • Entries will only be accepted from Feb 11 - 13. The link to the post will be updated at a later date!

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Here’s what you can look out for this weekend:


Who: Team Flash (FL) vs GateCrashers (GCS)
When: February 18 (Saturday), 3:00PM SGT

Leonard ‘OMO’ Loh: FL 2-1 GCS
This series will come down to Team Flash's key players and late game (or to quote Flavaz: "The 40 minute GG switch") versus Gatecrashers unpredictable and aggressive early mid game. Ultimately, I think Team Flash is stable enough to tide the GateCrashers storm and take the game despite Gatecrashers being in the drivers seat for most of the series.

Grandon ‘gamernissem’ Oh: FL 2 -1 GCS
GateCrashers have proven themselves to be a bigger threat than most have expected, but Team Flash so far still looks to be one of the strongest teams of the league.

Nicholas 'MeZZ' Tang: FL 2-1 GCS
Team Flash will probably win as Gatecrashers is still the weaker team despite improving a little since week 1. They have shown strong macro play with the ability to close out games⁠⁠.

Jenny 'Reira' Lee: FL 1-2 GCS 
Team Flash so far have won against Team Corgi and SVR in two series, but both went to 3 games. They've shown that in long, 40min+ games, their experience will win them those late-game teamfights, but the games they dropped were all decisive losses where their opponents managed to snowball early-mid game aggression into a quick win. GateCrashers played like a completely different team from Week 1  in Week 2, and if they keep up their aggressive play style, they might just overpower Flash to take the series. I also expect GCS' quirky drafting (Sion, MF, Bard?) to throw Team Flash's textbook draft off-balance.

Mark 'Flavaz' Lee: FL 1-2 GCS
Team Flash has not yet to live up to the level of performance that many were expecting from the seasoned names on their roster. Meanwhile GateCrashers are looking sharp, closing out leads with (mostly :p) well-coordinated, aggressive engages.

Jensen 'Jstorm' Goh: FL 1-2 GCS
Orthodoxy vs shenanigans has been the theme of Team Flash's games so far going up against the promoted half of the TLC. However, Flash has yet to show a solid understanding of the macro game and the GateCrashers showed some aggressive, interesting strategies last week that gives them my vote.

Who: Team Corgi (CRG) vs Bangtan Swoop (BTS)
When: February 18 (Saturday), 6:00PM SGT

Leonard ‘OMO’ Loh: CRG 0-2 BTS
The issue I always see with Team Corgi’s games is that despite their solid macro play and interesting strategies, most of their players are not up to par individually. When Team Corgi win games, they look like a well-oiled machine with each cog performing its function - when they lose, it's clear which pieces are faltering. 

Bangtan Swoop should have the individual ability as well as the veteran status to take this series. There are factors which could make this a Team Corgi win (cheese picks, unorthodox plays, and the return of DJesus; which seems to be the key in taking Corgi's macro to another level but that's a discussion for another article). However, I think it's too hard to call all the stars aligning for Corgi and BTS should take the series.

Grandon ‘gamernissem’ Oh: CRG 0-2 BTS
Bangtan Swoop; with strong players in all their respective roles, they look to potentially choke out the current Team Corgi, if they were anything like last week.

Nicholas 'MeZZ' Tang: CRG 0-2 BTS
Bangtan Swoop will probably win as Team Corgi is extremely inferior to these teams in TLC. If they carry on at this rate, they are probably gonna end up with 0 wins.

Jenny 'Reira' Lee: CRG 1-2 BTS 
This is going to be a match between 2 of the currently lower-placed teams, and Team Corgi are going to be fighting hard for their first series win of TLC. I expect a close, scrappy series between two teams who both play with more of a soloq mentality, but I see BTS taking the overall win as Team Corgi's draft last week did their laners no favours.

Mark 'Flavaz' Lee: CRG 0-2 BTS
Team Corgi looked like a shadow of their week 1 in week 2. Clear differences in team performance with regards to substitutes and roster, but more worrying is their lackluster drafting. If ALL of these problems show up for CRG, combined with a better macro on the side of BTS, it's an easy 2-0 for BTS. Maybe if CRG fixes some of these issues then 2-1.

Jensen 'Jstorm' Goh: CRG 0-2 BTS
Despite their loss last week, BTS' ability to blow the opponent's mid and botlane to shreds in laning makes them look extremely scary. Corgi will likely have to wait another week to find a win as a team that often aims to survive laning and outplay their opponents on the map.

Who: Sovereign (SVR) vs NyZ (NyZ)
When: February 19 (Sunday), 3:00PM SGT

Leonard ‘OMO’ Loh: SVR 2-1 NYZ
#Biasedcaster If Sovereign continue their upward trend from Week 1 to Week 2, I could see them taking this series. Either way, it's gonna be close and most likely bloody (much like the NYZ v BTS game from Week 2).

Grandon ‘gamernissem’ Oh: SVR 0-2 NyZ
NyZ versus Sovereign is like a rock paper scissors match, where NyZ just looks to be the counter to Sovereign's playstyle.

Nicholas 'MeZZ' Tang: SVR 1-2 NyZ
SVR has been showing a weak performance so my bet is on NyZ, but NyZ seems a little shaky too. Both these teams need to improve more if they wanna prove their worth.

Jenny 'Reira' Lee: SVR 1-2 NyZ
NyZ really turned things around during the pre-season and look like the most consistent team after 2 weeks of TLC. SVR played loads better in Week 2 than they did in Week, especially in their Game 2 against Flash, but they still struggle with communication issues during the game. They're going to have to get their **** together if they want to take this series.

Mark 'Flavaz' Lee: SVR 2-1 NyZ
Hmm tough one to call, probably will be the closest games of the week. If a team attempts baron and gets it stolen by the other team, the team that stole will in the entire series. Calling it now. ;)

Jensen 'Jstorm' Goh: SVR 1-2 NyZ
On paper, SVR has the right tools to exploit the same pain points BTS gave NyZ trouble with last week - A midlane prone to camping and a botlane that can put Cab and Elijah on the backfoot. However, the SVR players have too rich a history of choking and under-performing in broadcasted and offline events for me to ignore and I will have to give this one to NyZ.