TLC SG 2017: Week 5 Preview10.03.2017

It’s the last week of the regular season for TLC and all teams are on edge (well, maybe not Team Flash). For a quick recap of the past 4 weeks, has the standings as well as VODs. 

This is where our casters stand now! (Sadly, Jstorm missed one week of predictions while Reira missed two)



Mark ‘Flavaz’ Lee


Grandon ‘gamernissem’ Oh


Nicholas ‘MeZZ’ Tang


Leonard ‘OMO’ Loh


Jensen ‘Jstorm’ Goh


Jenny ‘Reira’ Lee


*1 point for picking the winner, 1 point for the score.

Who: NyZ (NYZ) vs Team Corgi (CRG)
When: March 11 (Saturday), 3:00PM SGT

Leonard ‘OMO’ Loh: NYZ 1-2 CRG
Both teams have been looking very shaky in many aspects. After their 2-0 start (a win over bottom of the table GCS, and a clown fest 2-1 against BTS), expectations were riding high on NyZ but after only showing proficiency at a wait for 40 minute and win a teamfight win condition. Corgi should take this if they play DJrocker.

Grandon ‘gamernissem’ Oh: NYZ 2-1 CRG
While Corgi's shenanigans may catch their opponents off guard a few times as NyZ looks to be cleaning up their macro play in attempts to out-rotate their opponents.

Nicholas 'MeZZ' Tang: NYZ 2-0 CRG
Corgi’s drafting has proven to be a little shaky and so has their macro play, leading to multiple defeats that shouldn't have been the case. NyZ’s overall superior macro play should take this series.

Mark 'Flavaz' Lee: NyZ 1-2 CRG
It's CRG's series if DJrocker and Dantiz put on their regular performance. NYZ can't be too happy about having their second place contested coming into the final week, so expect a close game. 

Jenny 'Reira' Lee: NYZ 2-1 CRG
NyZ are coming off of a rough 2-week loss streak against Flash and SVR, and I expect them to comeback this week with something to prove, otherwise they aren't going to make playoffs.

Jensen 'Jstorm' Goh: NYZ 1-2 CRG
With 4 MVP nominations going to midlaners, this match will likely see Orca take the 5th MVP as they go up against NyZ who has been struggling in the various aspects of the game. Corgi will seek to keep their hopes alive in a possible 3 way tie here.

Who: Sovereign (SVR) vs GateCrashers (GCS)
When: March 11 (Saturday), 6:00PM SGT

Leonard ‘OMO’ Loh: SVR 2-1 GCS
A lot of stylistic similarities between these 2 teams. Ultimately SVR should take this but it might become a bloodbath.

Grandon ‘gamernissem’ Oh: SVR 2-0 GCS
After the impressive power play SVR displayed last week, my opinion has definitely improved towards the team and while GCS aren't slacking either they look like they lack the experience to close out this series

Nicholas 'MeZZ' Tang: SVR 2-0 GCS
SVR has been improving drastically in terms of macro and micro play and are looking very solid. If they continue these level of plays, winning the TLC could be possible for them.

Mark 'Flavaz' Lee: SVR 2-0 GCS
SVR's play has been getting better week on week. On the other side, teams have caught on quickly to GCS' solo queue style and are smashing them with better team fighting. 

Jenny 'Reira' Lee: SVR 2-0 GCS
SVR started the season weakly but have gotten consistently better each week with just enough time for a C9-esque playoffs run. GCS meanwhile have still only managed a series win against fellow 5th-6th team Corgi.

Jensen 'Jstorm' Goh: SVR 2-1 GCS
Solid performances from Icedestiny has been anchoring the Sovereign team without his signature jungle Gragas pick. Busting out the Brand support in the previous game, we can only wonder how much will GCS test Sovereign before they bust out the rest of the secret arsenal of spicy spicy memes.

Who: Bangtan Swoop (BTS) vs Team Flash (FL)
When: March 12 (Sunday), 3:00PM SGT

Leonard ‘OMO’ Loh: BTS 1-2 FL
Every time I bet against BTS, they prove me wrong, pulling out a win through veteran experience and individuals stepping up. However, against the undefeated Flash, this should be a Flash win. Across the board I give this to Flash - micro, macro and teamplay.

Grandon ‘gamernissem’ Oh: BTS 1-2 FL
Between 2 hard carry mid laners, both teams should be looking to play around them, whichever team is able to play around their carry better will win the series.

Nicholas 'MeZZ' Tang: BTS 2-1 FL
BTS' drafting has been quite weird with the lack of coach BBTY in the previous week, but they still managed to pull off several unorthodox mid lane picks. FL is definitely a team that you can't pick Tier 3 champions against, but I have a hunch BTS would win their lanes as well as early game and snowball off that. 

Mark 'Flavaz' Lee: BTS 1-2 FL
Hmmm something tells me FL is gonna troll hard since they already have their place in the playoffs locked in haha.. BUTTT given that it's BTS, there's a message to send amongst the best of the best - only one team deserves to be at the top. (aka read as: FL please play properly kappa hahhah).

Jenny 'Reira' Lee: BTS 0-2 FL
I expect a clean 2-0 from Flash. BTS have managed to take games when they force their opponents to play their style of League, but Flash are too smart for that.

Jensen 'Jstorm' Goh: BTS 0-2 FL
The bunch of BTS ex-pros seem past their prime and lazy when it comes to playing the map. Despite a very convincing stomp against the Gatecrashers, they have disappointed on too many occasions to get a vote of confidence against Flash.

As always, we'll be having a stream giveaway this weekend! You will have the option to choose any skin that's currently in-store, based on the champions that your chosen MVP was playing.


  • You can vote up to 3 times for your chosen MVP (one per match)
  • Ultimate/limited/reward skins will not be given out.
  • The giveaway is only limited to players from the Singapore/Malaysia server.
  • Entries will only be accepted from Mar 11 - 13.