TLC SG17 W2: Swoop is on FIRE13.02.2017

With a total of 8 matches played during the second weekend of TLC SG, there’s plenty of action for you to catch up on. It seems like our casters are getting better at their predictions!

We saw lots of unique picks emerging from the woodwork as our local teams got more used to the 10 ban system, check out the infographic for this week for some examples:

MVP of the Week

Despite ultimately conceding the victory to NyZ, Bangtan Swoop’s FIRE (also known as Swoop from Singapore Sentinels) undoubtedly made a showing for himself as Anivia in Game 2 of the series. With an average kill participation rate of 72%, FIRE has definitely been a thorn in his enemy’s sides.


We’re reaching our halfway mark of the regular season of TLC SG, here are a few fun facts from Week 2!

  1. Seems like our coaches are all afraid of the Deceiver: LeBlanc still hasn’t made an appearance in our local tournaments yet, with a 100% ban rate.
  2. Our dear savage caster, Nicholas ‘MeZZ’ Tang, is still sharpening his wit and tongue on his poor partners. 
  3. With how close the sets have been this week, it seems like no one is ready to concede the Top 3 positions any time soon!

As always, feel free to head to for the current standings as well as VODs from the previous matches!