TLC SG17 W4: Time for Raven to Soar06.03.2017

Week 4 went by in the blink of an eye as we see teams start to pull ahead in the leaderboard. 

Here’s a short breakdown of what happened so far as we start to see teams get more comfortable and daring with their picks and bans. 

MVP of the Week

Everyone probably expected to see this prodigious midlaner get MVP at least once in the regular season of TLC. With his stability in games as well as his dominance in lane, it’s not hard to see why Raven is one of the reasons people tend to hesitate when going up against Team Flash. 


Here’s a TL;DR for Week 4!

  1. We know it looks rigged - with Raven as the MVP for TLC Week 4, we have 4 midlaners as our current and past MVPs. One more week and three more teams…Look out for who gets the last coveted MVP position next week! 
  2. Despite the two week break, it seems like our teams are all raring to go. This week saw the debut of up to 7 new champions (the one not featured in the infographic being Renekton)
  3. With Team Flash almost certainly cementing their slot in the playoffs, the last two slots are still being highly contested!

As always, feel free to head to for the current standings as well as VODs from the previous matches!