TLC SG17 W5: Blaire's Chaaaaaaaarge!13.03.2017

The end of the regular season signifies that we finally have our three teams that will be heading into playoffs! A big congratulations to Team Flash, Sovereign, and NyZ as they will be battling it out at Raffles City Convention Centre for the title of Singapore’s best team. More information about the playoffs will be released at a later date, so do stay tuned! 

MVP of the Week

              The choice for Week 5's MVP was the hardest yet. With the stakes on the line for 5 teams still having a chance to qualify for the coveted playoffs spot, many individuals shined during certain moments but there was none who stood out consistently. FL's 2 prodigious mid-laners shared the limelight with dominating performances each game but in the midst of all this chaos, there is perhaps no individual performance more eye-catching than Blaire's Kled play during Game 1 of CRG vs NyZ. He finished 14-1-10, one of the most dominating performances from a single individual over the course of the regular season. Even though Blaire and CRG eventually did not make it to the Playoff Stages, their growth has been a Cinderella story, and we sure hope it doesn't end here


Here’s the last TL;DR for our regular season of TLC!

  1. Blaire finally broke the Mid-MVP curse! As the first (and last) top laner, Blaire popped off on his Kled this week, earning praises all around from both players, casters, and coaches alike.
  2. LeBlanc and Varus made it through all 5 weeks with a 100% P/B rate. Surprisingly, Camille and Rengar (the next top choices in our Most OP Champ Facebook post besides LeBlanc and the top P/B-ed champions in LCK currently) are missing from this list, standing at 80% and 97.14% respectively. 
  3. Despite just being formed for this split, Bangtan Swoop, Team Corgi, and GateCrashers have put up a good showing these 5 weeks. GateCrashers went out with a bang by pulling out all the stops in their last match (Irelia mid, Grave AD, Jarvan IV Support... How often would you get to see that in competitive play?)

As always, feel free to head to for the final standings as well as VODs from the previous matches! We sincerely thank everyone for being a part of our TLC journey thus far and hope that we were able to give everyone a better idea of how Singapore's pro scene is like!

We will be coming back to you soon with more updates on our playoffs happening 25th-26th March , so do sit tight!