Arcana Trials: Community Update! 18.11.2016



                     *taps mic* Hiya! Are we all having a good time clearing trials, killing barons, destroying turrets and getting rewards? 



     Perfect! *smiles*                                                                







                               Thank you guys!! It’s time to reveal how the community fared for the Arcana Trials!                                                                                   


As of 18th October 2016, we are one week into the quest. So far…




have braved the Trials


IP points

gained by the community


Mystery Champions

awarded to the community  




have been cleared



flash spells

(skips) have been used


Mystery Skins

awarded to the community


66% of flash spells were used on the first quest (Win 2 games in a party of 5)

But 60% of summoners still haven’t used their spell!  


Level Distribution

As of today, 4% of players have cleared every single quest of the Arcana Trials! Keep in mind that the final trial is to win four consecutive matches…


Of those who cleared the quest, a whopping 25% actually did not use their flash spell at all! Way to go (though you do not get any extra reward for this)!



Successful questers who have cleared all trials are awarded with a Mystery Bonus Icon, which somehow resembles Rammus! Well deserved :) Please note this icon is credited manually - once completing the trials you will receive it within a few days!


                               We also saw and heard interesting things this week… Many summoners asked about Kindred’s gender for example…                                                                           
                                Lamb, who summoners’ primarily control is female. Wolf, my companion, is male.                                                                                          
                           So, there you have it. You could have played Kindred in both the trial to win as an all-male team or an all-female team!                                                          
       Ha ha ha ha ha.                                                                             
                              It was also super cool to see summoners gathering in public chat to create teams for the team trials! No excuses for not having friends to play with!                          
                     That's it for now! Let us know if you need us to help with anything!                                                                    




The Arcana Trials will be open until the 11th of December. How many will be able to reach the end?