Collegiate Art Contest: Students! Claim your prize!17.05.2017

There's a lot going on for the Collegiate scene in Malaysia and this is only the beginning! The community would not be complete without the artistic touch of our Fan artists!

Click here to read up on the prize list! Without further adieu, here are the Collegiate art contest winners and honorable mentions:

1st Place: League NAPFA Test
Jonathan Lee Jun Wee from ITE College Central

2nd Place: Sona in college life
Benjamin Lim Jia Leh from UNDO School of 3D Animation

3rd Place: Admire
Ng Wee Liam from The One Academy Penang

4th Place: Graduation Day
Beh Sin Yen from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman

5th Place: Goodbye
Teh Siang Jin from The One Academy Penang

Let's not forget these honorable mentions as well!

Honorable Mention: Assassin Class is Up next!
Alif Bin Ahmad Faudzi from Multimedia University

Honorable Mention: "On My Way to Class and Oh yeah,I'm Support Main" ​
Muhammad Akmal Bin Bastamam Holik from Multimedia University Cyberjaya

Honorable Mention: Agora Hall's Elder Dragon Battle
Ang Nen Que from Republic Polytechnic

Honorable Mention: Syndra and Zed Learning Each Other's Powers
Tammy Oh from Equator Academy of Art

Honorable Mention: Day of a Scholar
Darryl Tay Chyi Yean from Taylor's University Lakeside Campus