Collegiate Art Contest: Visionize League on campus!06.03.2017

Do you find yourself randomly doodling on a sheet of study notes in class? Well, it’s probably time to take a break and walk your mind through a field trip across League of Legends. For Collegiate students only, we want you to transform your daydreams and doodles in League artworks!

There are some strict rules to follow in this competition, so be sure to plan your artwork design accordingly the next time you head for class! Remember to submit your artwork by 11.59pm, 19 March 2017.


Participants must follow all contest rules to be eligible. Failure to do so would prompt immediate disqualification. 

  • Your artwork must be an incorporation of League of Legends in a collegiate setting.
  • Artwork can be drawn, painted, digital, or in any other two-dimensional format.
  • Entries must be appropriate for players of all ages.
  • Entries can’t include any other advertisements, product names, or product placements.
  • Your artwork must be submitted in the correct format and size: We’re only taking submissions formatted in .jpg and must be in A4 size.


Creativity, Story Concept and Design Quality are the main criterias for this contest. As mentioned above, a prize pool 5000 RP and 100 Hextech Chests will be up for grabs:


  • 2000 RP
  • 20 chests + keys
  • Artwork will be displayed on the League of Legends game client


  • 1000 RP
  • 10 chests + keys


  • 750 RP
  • 10 chests + keys

4th and 5th PLACE

  • 500 RP each
  • 10 chests + keys each

Honourable Mentions x 5

  • 10 chests + keys / each

*All winning artworks will be featured in on


Send in your artwork via email to with the subject title “Collegiate Art Contest”. 

All submissions MUST contain the details listed below:

1. Name
2. HP Number
3. Name of College/Universities
4. Student ID
5. Garena ID
6. Summoner ID
7. Title of artwork

  1. There is no limit to the number of entries we can receive from one player. However, a player cannot be selected as a winner more than once

  2. Entries cannot be:
    • Sexually explicit or pornographic
    • Unnecessarily violent
    • Obscene, offensive or endorsing any form of hate or hate group
    • In violation of any trademarks
    • Supporting or defaming any brands/products without permission
    • Politically themed
    • Negative towards Garena or League of Legends

  3. All entries submitted for the contest will be considered the property of Garena without any compensation to the participant, and may be used, altered and/or distributed by Garena in any form or purpose.

  4. Garena reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this contest or the rules without prior notice.

  5. Submissions deemed inappropriate will be disqualified.

  6. Contest artwork which is unrelated to the theme will be disqualified.