Festival Queen Anivia Colouring Contest Winners09.03.2017

As promised, we're finally ready to reveal the winners of our Festival Quen Anivia Colouring Contest today after a tough judging process. And boy, do we have a budding list of talented League artists or what! 

We received one of the largest fanart contest submissions to date, so choosing just 10 of the best was, indeed, a battle for our judges. To help us pick the best ones, we gave points to artworks not just purely based on skill, but also on the its theme and creativity. 

Here are your winners!

By NoxGlitch

By PetitBear

By iColdx

By Vainie

By DamseLInDistress

By 你亲我我就亲你你不亲我还亲你

By GeryoN.

By Yunako

By Emíly

By DiiKazekai

By Imsucksdontjudge

By Neonpink

By Nirbhay

By Fre.Z_Ikaros

By KiNg_Dixkman

By LoXarion

By IAnniehowOnly

By hbin07

By MaiPyon

As a refresher on the prizes (credited within 7 working days) these winners have won, check out our contest article here.

Congratulations to all winners and a massive thanks to those who participated. We were truly blown away by your creativity and passion in each one!