LeagueKaki’s Dawn vs Night Showdown16.06.2017


LeagueKaki’s giving away 5 Nightbringer Yasuo and 5 Dawnbringer Riven skins! More details below.


We’ve recently launched LeagueKaki, a new Facebook platform which features content created by the local Singapore and Malaysian community! From epic plays (to epic fails), from beautiful fanart to amazing cosplay, you can find them all at LeagueKaki.


Check out the first episode of Today on SG/MY server where we feature the best, worst, funniest and downright crazy plays from local players.



Also check out the first episode of Git Gud Coaching where experienced pros, coaches and/or analysts coaches a local player’s ranked game.




To celebrate the launch of Dawnbringer Riven and Nightbringer Yasuo, and the launch of LeagueKaki, we’re giving away 10 legendary Riven and Yasuo skins.


Enter here to win: https://gleam.io/fb/45EfH