Legend of the God Fist Finals04.05.2017


So who was the God Fist Lee Sin of Singapore and Malaysia?


After a single-elimination gauntlet of almost 800 players across 5 brackets, we were able to round up our 8 finalists from MY and SG on the 4th of April:

Representing Malaysia:


  • Anerag

  • g0od day to d1e

  • FDG Vita

Representing Singapore:

  • RJB Arykelic

  • Rambutan123

  • Tiffany

  • Innovation

These 8 finalists fought it out at Millian, Singapore on the 8th of April for some epic prizes and most importantly, for proving their worth as the God Fist Lee Sin of Singapore and Malaysia. After 5 hours of epic, brutal 1v1s, ultimately Rambutan123 transcended as number #1 Lee Sin in the server.

Check out the pictures from the event:



Lastly, thank you to our sponsors Razer and ONE Championship. ONE Championship has also kindly offered all League of Legends players a discount to their Dynasty of Heroes event in May.