Legendary Axes: Legendary& Ultimate bundles on sale!11.04.2017

Draven's back at it again! The Glorious Executioner has a trick or two up his sleeve and is ready to make your head spin!

LEGENDARY PROMO COMING YOUR WAY! As the excitement begins to grow for our hometown legends at Garena Premier League (GPL) in Philippines, Legendary and Ultimate bundles have gone loose in the League store!


From now until 11:59PM, 18 April 2017, throw one axe and get double the rewards or more! Whenever you purchase or receive (via gifting) any Legendary/ Ultimate Bundle from the League store, you will get a Mystery Skin!

That's not all, if the bonus Mystery Skin happens to be a Legendary or Ultimate skin, you'll earn an second Mystery Skin (potentially stacking up to an unlimited number of times, if you're really lucky!) 


Draven doesn't joke around! EVERY Legendary and Ultimate skin released in League of Legends will be made available

Not to mention, a special 50% discount on the Champions. Check out the League store now!

Legendary and Ultimate skins can now be found at the "Bundles" tab during the Legendary Axes promotion.
*Legendary and Ultimate skins are non-refundable while Legendary Axes are active.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Must I own the Champion in order to purchase the Legendary or Ultimate skin?
Correct. What that means is that when you're buying from the Bundles tab, the Champion will be included and the bundle's price will adjust accordingly if you've already owned it.

Is there a limit to how many Legendary skins I could unlock?
Nope. You can get any amount of Legendaries if you continue to unlock them through Mystery skins until Legendary Axes ends.

What if I buy five Legendaries, will I get five Mystery skins?
Yes, you will.

What is a Mystery skin?
Picking up a Mystery skin guarantees a random unowned skin for a champion you own.

Why can't I gift Legendary or Ultimate skins to my friends?
We are sorry to inform you that Legendary/Ultimate skins gifting is disabled during Legendary Axes. However, you can still gift Mystery skins to your friends and if they are lucky enough to unlock a Legendary skin from the Mystery skin, they will get another Mystery skin!!