Merdeka Art Contest!24.08.2017

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Hello all talented peeps! Another contest is here. In conjunction with the Merdeka Day on the 31st of August, we would like to conduct another art contest! Following the amazing artworks from the last Hari Raya Art Contest, we have decided to make it a themed art contest. Can you guess what the theme is from the banner? Yes, the theme of this Merdeka Art Contest is.... League of Legends at the Merdeka Parade! Draw your favourite League characters celebrating Merdeka Day in a parade. Capture the spirit of Merdeka Day Parade in your artworks as best as possible and the prizes will be yours!


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  1. Hand-drawn - any artwork that are not done digitally or artworks that are drawn traditionally (pens and papers) [Participants are required to take CLEAR top-view pictures of the drawn artworks before submitting]

  2. Digital - any artwork that are done digitally using digital technology


What are the Prizes?




1st Prize: 1500 RP

2nd Prize: 1000 RP

3rd Prize: 500 RP

1st Prize: 1500 RP

2nd Prize: 1000 RP

3rd Prize: 500 RP


How do I participate?

  • Firstly, you must already be a member in the Official League of Artists and Cosplayers. To know how to join this group, please refer here. After you have entered the group, you are free to submit your contest submission.

  • Submit your artwork before the 5th September 2017 via email to with the email title “Merdeka Art Contest”.

  • Winners will be chosen by the Garena MY/SG League team and they will be announced on the 7th September 2017. Include the following details along with your submission:

  • Name

  • Country

  • Summoner Name

  • Garena Username

  • Facebook Link

  • Title of Design

  • Category: Hand-drawn/Digital



  • Each participant is allowed to send more than one artwork from both categories but only the best one will be chosen from the participant

  • Artworks submitted MUST BE ORIGINALLY CREATED by the participating contestants whether hand drawn or done digitally

  • Artworks submitted MUST follow the contest’s theme

  • Participants must already be an active member of the Official League of Artists and Cosplayers Facebook group

  • Your artwork must be submitted in the correct format: We’re only taking two-dimensional formatted artworks in .jpg or .png, and it can be portrait or landscape

  • All artworks sent will be posted in an album in the Facebook group

  • Deadline of submission is at 23:59pm 5th September 2017. Any late submissions will not be entertained

  • Garena reserves the right to change, continue or terminate all or any part of the contest at any time without notice.