Merdeka Art Contest Winners!07.09.2017

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The results are in! We have looked through all the awesome submissions and have chosen the best artworks. The winning submissions are artworks that managed to showcase the spirit of Merdeka Day in a parade and also those that incorporates the spirit of nationalism. It was not an easy task and there were so many good submissions to choose from. However, the decisions have been made! Congratulations to the winners of the Merdeka Art Contest 2017!


Category: Digital


First Place

Name: Muhammad Akmal Bin Bastamam Holik

Title of Design : New Champions Merdeka Parade


Muhammad Akmal Bastamam.jpg


Second Place

Name: Pepermint Lifez

Title: Merdeka!


yuu life.jpg


Third Place

Name: Xuanle

Title: Preparation #teamwork


Goh Xuan Lee.jpg




First Place

Name: Wu Xin Ying

Title: Demalaycia




Second Place

Name: Muhammad Haziq bin Mokhtaruddin

Title: Merdeka Unites Runeterra




Third Place

Name: Nuqman Amirul Shafiq Bin Sherifuddin

Title: Move Forward,Malaysia


Nuqman Amirul Shafiq.jpg



Name: MoMo Monsty

Title: Lux Celebrating Malaysia National Day's

Momo Monsty.jpg

Name: Yong Jeen Jeen

Title: Support Pageants Slaying It at the Parade

Jeen here.jpg


Name: Steve Eng

Title: "Bloom! For honor and glory of Malaysia...!!! "

steve eng.jpg

Name: Zoey Yap

Title: League of Legends Military Merdeka Parade.  


zoey yap.png

Name: Wan Jin Cheng

Title: Handmade flag

Jin Cheng Wan.jpg


Name: Nirbhay Golakia

Title: Merdeka Vanguard

Nirbhay Golakia.png

Congratulations to all the winners! We will contact you soon via email to request details from you.


Thank you for all the submissions!To those who did not win, don’t feel disheartened! There will be more contests coming your way.