[MY][UPDATE] Cosplay Collision 2018 | Bring the champions to life!02.03.2018


UPDATE 2 March 2018


As we've received some feedback regarding the submission timeline from the community, we will be extending the submission period to 11:59pm 4th March, 2018.


If you've yet to submit your entry, here's your last chance to do so!



Attention to all cosplayers in the region, the yearly cosplay competition is back! Join us and compete in Cosplay Collision 2018 at League of Legends Championship Malaysia (LCM).


Flaunt and show off your craftsmanship to fight for a total prize pool of RM10,000! That’s not all, we will be having special guests as VIP judges as well.



1st Place: RM3000 + RM400*


2nd Place: RM2000 + RM400*


3rd Place: RM1000 + RM400*


4th-10th Places: RM400*


*All participants in the Top 10 will receive a confirmed prize money of RM400 each!


How to join?


Stage 1: Submission

  1. Send three cosplay photos -at least two of the photos must be a League of Legends cosplay.

  2. Submit your photos to lolcontest@garena.com with the title: Cosplay Collision 2018.

  1. Include the following details with your submission:

    • Name

    • Country of Residence

    • Name of Cosplay Character

  • Deadline for submission: 23:59 pm, 1st March 2018


    Stage 2: Top 10

    1. The League of Legends Garena MY Team will choose the best 10 cosplay submissions.

    2. After being chosen, the Top 10 may use existing cosplays for the LCM Grand Finals. You may create a new cosplay to 'wow' the judges.
    3. The Top 10 will have a special recording session on 16th March 2018 for a video that will be played during the LCM Grand Finals.

    4. The Top 10 participants will have to prepare for a performance that will be happening on 18th March 2018 during LCM Grand Finals.

        • Participants are required to prepare a Cosplay Performance/ Catwalk of 2~3 minutes.

        • Props, music and videos are allowed to be used. Note: Please pass the files required (MP3/ MP4) to the PIC 5 days before the event.


    Stage 3: Voting

    1. A public vote will be held on the spot after the performances and judges’ comments.

    2. Selection of the winners will be through means of public voting (30%) and Cosplay Collision 2018’s judges (70%).

    Rules & Regulations


    1. There are no registration fees required to enter the competition

    2. All participants must read and agree to follow all the rules in the Cosplay Collision 2018

    3. Participants must already be an active member of the Official League of Artists and Cosplayers Facebook group (those who are not members MUST join the group first). To know how to join this group, please refer here.

    4. The cosplay worn on 16th March 2018 and 18th March 2018 MUST be the SAME.

    5. Participants will only be allowed to cosplay official League of Legends champions (inclusive of said champions’ skins) or any character from League of Legends. Any other cosplay that does not apply to this ruling will be disqualified

    6. Costumes that are inappropriate, suggestives or offensive will also be disqualified


    Terms & Condition


    1. Event prizes will be awarded to the winners at least within 30 working days after the event (subject to changes)

    2. Open to everyone. However, travel expenses to the venue is to be borne by the participants themselves

    3. The latest updates will be posted on Garena’s League of Legends platforms

    4. Any participant who forfeits mid-way will not receive any prize. All participants are responsible of their own costs and expenses (including creation of costumes and travel purposes)

    5. Garena reserves the right to amend, cancel, edit, or postpone the event at its own discretion


    Submit your entries now!