Runeterra Art Contest: Here are the winners!19.04.2017

League of Legends would not be what it is today without the community. Recently, we opened up to our community and presented a chance to showcase your creative design skills in re-imagining the Runeterra Adventure from your own eyes.

The Top 3 submissions will be walking away with cash prizes worth $500 USD! 

Without further adieu, here are the winners for the Runeterra Art Contest!

1st place - (Ionia Blood Moon Festival)

2nd place - (ZAUN-ZONE989)

3rd place - (Visit Shurima Historical Monument)

Visit The Noxus Throne Hall

A Day In The Life of Ionia

A Dark Day in Zaun

The Cold Days


The Great Tree of Wisdom

Rain Gets Through

Lissandra's next target

To this day, where it begins

Bilgewater docks