Tweak Your Costume: Christmas Edition20.11.2017


White snow will fall, mistletoe will grow, and Official League of Artists and Cosplayers (League of Legends) Facebook group is organizing a cosplay competition to celebrate Christmas starting now until 20 December 2017.


For the jolliest celebration of the year, we are inviting cosplayers to reveal their existing League of Legends cosplay, tweak it to become a Christmas themed ensemble, and send the photo of it to win these awesome prizes:-



Or, you can create a brand new Christmas themed League of Legends cosplay. We are not restricting your creativity.

How to join?

Tweak your existing cosplay (or create a new one)

  1. Pick any League of Legends cosplay you already have, tweak it to have a Christmas flair.

  2. It is not necessary for you to tweak the cosplay permanently. You could add and remove Christmas materials from your cosplay and still retain the original look.

  3. We also encourage you to create a new Christmas League of Legends cosplay.


  1. Capture a photo of your tweaked cosplay.

  2. Join Official League of Artists and Cosplayers (League of Legends) Facebook group.

  3. Submit your photo to with the title: Tweak Your Costume: Christmas Edition.

  4. Include the following details in your submission:

    1. Name

    2. Country of Residence

    3. Summoner Name

    4. Garena Username

    5. Facebook Link

    6. Name of the champion cosplay

  5. Deadline for submission: 23:59 pm, 20 December 2017.

Rules & Regulations

  1. The competition is open to all summoners in Singapore and Malaysia server.

  2. There are no registration fees required to enter the competition.

  3. Participants must already be an active member of the Official League of Artists and Cosplayers (League of Legends) Facebook group (those who are not members MUST join the group first). To know how to join this group, refer here.

  4. Participants will only be allowed to cosplay official League of Legends champions and skins. Any other cosplays that do not apply to this ruling will be disqualified.

  5. Cosplays that are inappropriate or offensive will also be disqualified. 

Feel free to comment below, any questions for clarification and we will reply your questions promptly.

We are looking forward to your cosplay. So, submit your photo before the deadline!