UPDATE: Clash Tournament Start Issues25.05.2018



1-day only Clash Test at 6 PM SGT/MYT

When we began launching Clash last night in Asia, we immediately saw critical, technical issues on all servers except a handful. This issue hadn't been seen in any of our prior beta testing and we are cancelling Clash's opening weekend in all remaining parts of the world.  

The team's been solely focused on finding a solution to get Clash back on track, and we're extremely conscious that many of you planned your weekends around Clash and deeply sorry to have blown up your plans at the last minute.


The work will continue and we will run Clash tests in certain regions around the world as we explore fixes. As a result, we will be cancelling the remainder of the Clash weekend.


This is no way a one-for-one replacement, but we’re turning on ARURF for our server Sunday 27 May, 1 PM SGT/MYT - Monday 28 May, 7 PM SGT/MYT. We realise this isn’t the same sort of competitive experience that you were expecting this weekend, but we wanted to offer something in the interim that we could quickly hotfix up to a playable standard while we work out our next steps. As ARURF is one of our most requested modes, we hope this will bring a some respite to an otherwise rough weekend. Heads up: There are likely gonna be bugs and some weird interactions as we haven’t had a huge amount of time to test on this patch, so we might be disabling some runes and champs pretty early on. To be clear, working out what caused Clash to fail and how we're going to fix it is our main priority. We're not done with the discussion yet, and we're weighing options on next steps for affected players.

We’ll have more information regarding the next steps for Clash in the coming days.


Tonight, we will be running a 1-day Clash test to monitor the fixes that we have implemented thus far. This Clash test will begin at 6pm SGT/MYT tonight on May 26, no changes from the original launch timing for Saturday tournaments.

  • Clash teams will directly join an 8-team bracket for this test

  • Should any issues occur and/or when teams lose, players will still receive better rewards than the best reward from a 4-team bracket

  • All participants in this test will have 1 ticket refunded to their accounts before 31 May

  • 5-ticket entries for this test has been disabled

  • Players will be required to reform their teams for this Clash test 3:30 pm - 6pm SGT/MYT

We will continue to keep you updated, thank you for your patience!


Hello Summoners,


Unfortunately, when the scouting period ended and clash games were meant to start, there was a server issue which caused some games to fail as a result. The clash system has resolved those games randomly and assigned a winner/loser. Teams that "won" will be able to proceed on, while teams that "lost" will be out of this round.


If you were in a game that was affected, and your team was the loser, your tickets should be refunded automatically within the next hour. We won't be starting any more clash tournaments tonight, as we don't yet know what caused it to fail and can't guarantee it wouldn't crash again.


We're really sorry that the systems haven't held up as they should, and our dev team is working on improving things for the next round.


We know many of you were excited to play clash tonight - many of us at Riot were too! It isn't acceptable to us that the experience tonight played out this way, and while right now we've got all hands on deck focused on solving the immediate problems with the clash system, we're also very conscious that you have taken time out of your lives tonight, and we weren't able to meet your expectations.


We're still working on it, and there will be more info to come about what happens next when we know more.


Thank you.