Warring Kingdom Garen Swords Winners17.02.2017


We’re excited to announce the 4x winners of the Warring Kingdom Garen Swords.

Winners through the Lunar Packet Festival Event

1. Summoner Name: Ambstrike 
Garena UID: 16126502

2. Summoner Name: OGhostO 
Garena UID: 163930270

Winners through the Lunar Revel Seasonal Skins

1. Summoner Name: Hawties 
Garena UID: 265610203

2. Summoner Name: gimmecookies 
Garena UID: 92389884

As mentioned previously, we want to give one of these swords to a very special player who has shown great love and passion for Garen in the past years. You’ll be able to prove your love for Garen on the League of Legends - Singapore and Malaysia Facebook Pages. Head over for your last chance to win the sword now!