[Winner Announcement Update] GMs on the Rift: Slay your way to new Dragonslayer skins!20.03.2017

[Edit: 20/3/2017]

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our Slay the Dragon event!

Without wasting any time the 30 lucky winners of the skins are:

Dragonslayer VayneDragonslayer BraumDragonslayer Xin ZhaoDragon Sorceress ZyraDragonslayer Pantheon
shadowluxrisenbulletSKT T1 RemCrïmsoñ ƒatalisDJ Yukki
ameeeeeet7777cabbage00GraalCZDãrkRéd FalcØnKhana.
The Dawn of AgeryquicyN1neTailsKiNg_DixkmanChiro
GeneralMcBadasRèystchinzhihaoMeikato KunBeautiful Korean


All players who are on the winning team will be receiving 500 ip. All rewards will be credited within 5 working days!

If you face any problems, please reach out to us.

Do stay tuned for our future events :D


The Malaysian Game Masters are here! For our first GM event of the year, we challenge you to an in-game slaying contest to stand a chance at winning the new Dragonslayer skins! 

The newly released Dragonslayer Xin Zhao & Dragon Sorceress Zyra will be the main prizes for this event. But first, your team of 5 will need to get past the GM's team first!


The name of the game is Dragonslaying! And the objective is simple: Be the first team to slay any Dragon to enter the lucky draw.

DateFriday, 17 March 2017
Time: 2PM - 6.30PM | No limit of entries
Format: 5v5 Summoner's Rift | Winning team enters lucky draw

Game Objective: Be the first team to slay any Dragon


Each GM will host their own game room and lead their own teams. To clarify: Team A (5 Players) VS Team B (4 Players + 1 GM).




There are prizes for all who are on the winning team! But are you lucky enough to win the main prize? Slay the GMs to get your chance!


There will be 30 skins to be given away through the form of lucky draw!

How does the lucky draw work?

  • The team who gets the FIRST dragon will be pooled into the lucky draw.
  • 30 lucky winners will be picked out of the pool of winners.

Don't fear, if you do not win the main prize, you'll still walk away with 500 IP. 


The Dragon Slaying event is open to all players currently playing in the Singapore & Malaysia server

1. Log in to League of Legends according to the event time mentioned above
2. Under "Custom Game", Click "Join Game"
3. Search for game names: GM NeverOne | GM Ennyz | GM MakyWaky
4. Players will be randomly placed into teams. 
5. Start slaying!
6. Once the first dragon is slain, the game will end!