Worlds RP Conversion Promo: GAMers, GAMe On!05.10.2017


Representing Southeast Asia, Gigabyte Marines (GAM) will be aiming to replicate their impeccable form during Mid-Season Invitationals (MSI) at the Worlds 2017 Group Stages in Wuhan, China from 5 October onwards!


As a show of support and competitive spirit, we’ll be holding an region wide Worlds RP Conversion Promo from 6:15PM, 5 October 2017 to 11.59pm, 8 October 2017!  



Worlds 2017 RP Conversion Milestones

1. At a total amount of 500 RP Converted, you’ll receive Eternum Cassiopeia.

2. At a total amount of 1000 RP Converted, you’ll receive Arclight Yorick.

3. At a total amount of 1500 RP Converted, you’ll receive Arclight Yorick Icon + Epic Capsules.


Please note, Rewards are cumulative!


*For conversions of 1500 RP and above, , the number of Epic Capsules is determined by Gigabyte Marines’ results in the first round of Group Stage (5 - 8 October, 2017) at Worlds.


Example: If Gigabyte Marines win 3 games during Worlds Group Stage (Round 1 only), a conversion of at least 1500 RP will earn you



Arclight Yorick Icon + (1 + 3 GAM wins = 4 Epic Capsules)



On that note, Epic Capsules will only be credited by Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Things to remember:

  • Promotion is only available when you convert Garena Shells to RP, not when you purchase Garena Shells.

  • Rewards are cumulative! If you have already converted 500 RP for Milestone 1 and converted 500 RP more for Milestone 2, you will receive both Eternum Cassiopeia and Arclight Yorick skins.

  • Dont worry! If you don’t own the champion of the skins mentioned above, it will be credited to you.

  • At this moment, Arclight Yorick is exclusively made available via this promotion. This skin will only be purchasable from the store after the promotion ends.

  • If you already own Eternum Cassiopeia, you will be refunded the RP cost of the skin.

  • If you have achieved all the 3 milestones, you are not able to reset the promotion.


Bear in mind, this Worlds 2017 RP Conversion Promo is adjacent with thestandard RP Conversion Promo in the store:


You can purchase shells to convert to RP onlineFor Malaysia |For Singapore



For example, you will receive 1000 RP + 75 Bonus RP when you convert 1000 Garena Shells at once. As such, you will have achieved and received:

  • 1075 RP as shown above

  • Milestone 1 - 2 = Eternum Cassiopeia & Arclight Yorick