2017 Challenger Reward Update 10.04.2018

After last year, we did a lot of research to find an item that would feel rewarding to as many players as possible. Hundreds of Challengers across the globe gave us feedback through surveys about what kinds of pro player items are their favorites, and we concepted a bunch of options to see what might work. We went with the most requested reward!
The 2017 Challenger reward will be a custom-designed, exclusive backpack - delivered in Fall/Winter of this year. Details and concept art for the item will be shared in the next few months, as we move into manufacturing. We hope it increases your carry potential.
For the 2017 season, we will be rewarding:
  • The Top 200 Summoner’s Rift Ranked Solo/Duo players for each region

  • The Top 40 Summoner’s Rift Ranked Flex players for each region (if enabled)

  • The Top 10 Twisted Treeline Ranked Flex players for each region (if enabled)

Eligible challengers are invited to sign up for your reward on the website below.
Be sure to include up to date and thorough shipping information, so your package doesn’t end up stuck in customs. Please submit your details by May 1st 2018, 12 PM SGT.
This message is coming very late into the season, and for that we apologize. For next season, we won’t leave you wondering - we will be doing a physical reward for 2018 Challengers - which should be delivered in December/January right after the season wraps up.
Update on Challenger Recalls
Last summer we announced a recall for Challengers - we got feedback that it needed to be improved, and so we took it back to the concept phase. Here are the latest concepts:
While we don’t have a ship date yet, we are working on this right now. You also asked to be able to hide the visual noise of the recall if you wanted to, so we’re building that option too. As a reminder, this is for players currently ranked Challenger, and will update every 24 hours with the ladder.
A few details on shipping and regional delivery
Last year while over 10,000 Challengers qualified for rewards, a handful (1-2%) did not receive them. This was mostly due to strict customs laws in certain countries, but sometimes we got an incomplete or mistyped address - and could not contact the player when Customer Support reached out to them for correct details.
If I am Challenger in more than one queue, do I get multiple rewards? No, rewards are limited to one per account. But if you have multiple eligible accounts, you may receive one reward per account.

Why do Flex queues receive less rewards than Solo Queue? Our intent is not to say one queue is more important than another - The rewards are based on player participation in the queues. We want to reward roughly the same percentage of players, so the rewards are the same relative difficulty to achieve.