Add a little League to your Lunar New Year!10.02.2018

Happy Lunar New Year one and all! We are excited to announce our recent collaboration with some very talented community artists to bring to you the Demigods IRL. Red packets are too overrated (unless they have money in it), so we decided to make greeting cards for you to brighten other people's day! Feel free to be selfish and set them as your own personal mobile wallpaper instead too. ;)

View the Demigods in all their high res-glory by clicking on the image itself (image opens up in a new window). 

Lunar Guardian Warwick by Vainie

Lunar Empress Lux by Usagi

Lunar Guardian Nasus by Ryn

Unite against the darkness with some local renditions of the Demigods! Here is wishing all Summoners a prosperous, healthy and happy Year of the Dog ahead! HUAT AH!