Client Rollout: Phase 2 12.04.2017


Hello good people and also Yasuo mains,


Recently, we began our plan for rolling out the new client. We have now finished with Phase 2 of this plan by rolling out the new client to all players on the Singapore and Malaysia server, turning off access to the legacy client. Phase 2 will hit other regions soon.


Below is an updated look at the plan.


The Legacy Client Replacement Plan


NOW COMPLETE:Phase 1 - A small group of randomly-selected players from Oceania, Russia, Brazil, and the Latin America servers were automatically upgraded to the new client, although they still had the ability to launch the legacy client from the login screen. No big problems were encountered during this phase.


NOW COMPLETE: WEDNESDAY APRIL 12TH IN SG: Phase 2 - All players on the Singapore and Malaysia server will be automatically upgraded to the updated client, with the legacy client turned off. Once the transfer process is being pushed out, the updated client will appear as a simple, automated download from Garena+ and Garena PC. Please do not reinstall G+ or GPC.


Click the following icon on G+ and start the download:


Click the following icon on Garena PC and start the download:


Phase 3 - Assuming Phase 2 goes well, everyone else (all players in all regions) will be automatically upgraded to the updated client, and the legacy client will be retired. This will happen automatically when players launch League without requiring the download of additional files (beyond that of the regular patch for that week). Soon after Phase 3, we'll replace the legacy client with the updated client on all publicly-hosted game download pages.


Phase 4 - We'll automatically remove legacy client files from your machine to free up space.


Note: This gradual rollout will give us time to monitor player feedback and make adjustments in response. We'll alter these plans or delay the rollout if we find that more significant changes are necessary.




That's a good question, imaginary caps-lock person. After each phase, we'll evaluate how the updated client is doing compared to the legacy client. If it's performing at least as well or better than the legacy client, we'll move forward to the next phase. If we see serious problems (like widespread bugs preventing players from getting into games) we'll slow down the client rollout process to address the issue. Removing the legacy client is the most crucial part of this process, and we want to be extra careful about it.


Assuming Phase 2 goes well, the next step is to officially end the client beta in all other regions, enacting Phase 3 and upgrading all clients in all regions.



We’ve put together an FAQ to address some questions you may be having right now:


Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Following the successful conclusion of Phase 1, we believe the updated client is ready for prime time. This step is important to minimize risk while we move everyone to the new client.


Q: Who will be upgraded?

A: Everyone. Once the transfer process is being pushed out, the updated client will appear as a simple download from Garena+ and Garena PC. Barring any issues, we will continue rolling out the updated client to more and more players while keeping you updated on our plans as we move forward.


Q: Can I go back to using the old client during Phase 2?

A: No, the goal of the client rollout is to replace the legacy client. To learn more about why we're replacing the legacy client, check here.


Q: Why do I see two icons on my Garena+?

A: We’ve retired the LoL BETA icon together with the replacement of the Legacy Client, but the Garena+ will still show two League of Legends Icons if it is not updated as well. To update your G+ Messenger, close the program and restart it. Click on “Check for Updates” in the Login Panel to open the Update Manager, and hit “Update Selected Items” to update your Garena+. This is the game icon going foward:




Q: How do I access the client from Garena PC?

A: We’ve retired the LoL BETA banner together with the replacement of the Legacy client. This is the LoL game banner going forward:



Q: What’s the big deal about the new client anyway?

A: The updated client has been built from the ground up to use newer technology that allows us to develop features faster. Most importantly, it gives League a strong foundation it can stand on for many years to come—because we will support League for a LONG time. The client also features the new visual style of League, Hextech, making the entire client experience visually consistent and easy to grok. Since the beginning of open beta, we've also shipped the Practice Tool out.


There are also a slew of quality of life improvements:


  • Pop out the message window, move it around wherever you want, and resize it freely

  • Drag'n'drop to rearrange rune and mastery pages

  • Shift click to assign 9 runes at once

  • Ability to change in-game settings from the client

  • More control on sound settings tunings than in legacy


Check out an outline of the new client in this video:

The work on the client’s not done yet. We’re hard at working on performance and stability improvements as well as new features. When we’re confident that it offers a better experience than the legacy client, we’ll upgrade all players to use the new client.


Check out our previous beta update to learn more about why we're replacing the legacy client and our future plans for rolling it out.


Q: I gave it a try before and it was too laggy / slow, why should I try it again?

A: Performance and stability has come a long way since the beginning of the year. We’ve also introduced a Low-Spec mode that automatically detects your specs and defaults to recommended settings to ensure a smooth experience. If you had trouble before, we're confident you'll have a better experience with our latest patch.


Q: I liked item sets—why isn’t the item set creator tool in the new client yet?

A: Initially, due to the low use of item sets, we hadn’t planned to bring it back with the new client and focus on making other areas better instead. However we’ve heard a lot of feedback and reconsidered our decision. We now intend to rebuild the item set creator tool, but haven't yet started development work on it, so it could take quite some time even after we replace the legacy client. Of course, replacing the legacy client still comes first. In the meantime we still totally support item sets in-game (you don't lose your existing item sets when you update your client).

Q: I have feedback to share, how do I submit them to Riot?

Please submit a ticket to customer support share any feedback with us.

If you run into technical issues / bugs, please use the icon at the bottom right of the client to submit a bug report.

Q: What’s next?


A: We will continue rolling out the updated client to more and more regions while keeping you updated of our plans as we move forward.


If you have any further questions, be sure to check the Support Site FAQ. Otherwise, feel free to contact customer support.