Game client is under maintenance - SOLVED23.02.2018

Update: 6:26 pm, 23 Feb

The network issue has been fixed and our server is back up.

We would like to sincerely thank everyone for their patience with us today while we worked on this issue. In light of the game service disruption today, the Garena LoL team has gathered together and discussed long and hard as to how to compensate you for the inconvenience caused. We've decided to introduce a special Double XP Boost day next Saturday (3rd March). 

We really value your continued support and understanding. Thank you!


Update: 12:22 pm, 23 Feb

While we have identified the specific network issue, the fix for it is considerably more complicated and requires more time on our part to resolve. We understand that many players on our server have been waiting for quite a significant amount of time to play our game and we are thankful for your continued patience.

At the moment, we would caution against expecting an immediate recovery of the client but as always, we will be providing updates as soon as we get them.


Update: 11:36 am, 23 Feb

We currently have found the specific network issue. We are getting the game client up as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your patience.


Dear Summoners, our League of Legends game client is currently closed for maintenance due to a network issue.

We hope you could remain patient as we are currently working to get the game client back up. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Please refrain from converting Garena shells to RP in the meantime as well.

This post will be updated when we have more updates. Thank you!