Garena Carnival: Introducing guest cosplayers Aza Miyuko and Hori!20.04.2015

Good day, Summoners! 

We are extremely pleased to announce that the amazing Aza Miyuko and Hori will be attending the upcoming Garena Carnival 2015 as our lovely Guest Cosplayers and judges! We especially invited them from South Korea to bring some of our beloved League of Legends characters to life.

Here's a peek into some of their awesome work:

Check out Aza Miyuko breathing life into Ahri and Lux, definitely two fan favorite champions!


Look at that beautiful Arcade Miss Fortune!


Don't miss this great opportunity to come on down and meet them at Garena Carnival 2015! If you are a cosplayer yourself and want to impress our lovely judges with your talent and skills, don't forget to sign up for our Cosplay Rumble Arena competition before registration is over!

Click here for more details. 

See you there!