Garena has Upgraded! 24.10.2017

Dear Gamers,
After 7 good years, it is time for us to bid farewell to the Garena Plus client we've all grown to love. From 23/10/2017, Garena Plus has been retired and replaced by the new Garena.
To provide you with an even better gaming experience, we have designed the new Garena from ground up. Designed by gamers for gamers, the new Garena comes with useful features such as auto-updates, game repair and integrated voice chat. To continue enjoying your favourite games, simply upgrade to the new Garena! The process will take only a few minutes and there is no need to download your games again!
To upgrade, you can either:
i) download the installer for the new Garena here
ii) click on “Upgrade Now!” when you see the prompt message below
Even after months of beta rollout leading to this point, our journey has just only just begun. We will keep working on stability and constantly strive to improve the new Garena. Please continue to let us know your thoughts and feedback. They are important to us, and with your help, we will put in every effort to provide you with the gaming experience you deserve.
Finally, as we welcome a new era with the new Garena, let’s keep the legacy of Garena Plus in our hearts where it will never be forgotten.
 - The Garena Team
For any issues with Garena upgrade please contact Customer Support