Garena+ will be replaced by the new Garena on 23/10/201719.10.2017

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On 23/10/2017, we will be officially retiring the Garena Plus client and replacing it with the new Garena for our gamers in Singapore and Malaysia.
Since 2010, Garena Plus has been connecting gamers like you and I to our favourite games and dearest friends. For many of us, it is what we look forward to after a long day at school, and the first icon we click on after we turn on our PCs. To replace the Garena Plus that we have grown to love is not easy, which is why we started the beta rollout of the new Garena from last year. Since then, we have addressed common pain points and optimized the user experience. It was a long process but we had to make sure that the new Garena is ready for our gamers.
Today, we are proud to present a better gaming platform that was built from ground up. The new Garena was designed with your needs in mind, and you will find many features offering enhancements and convenience to your gaming experience.  Some of the improvements include:
  • Game auto-updates

No more frustration when there’s a new patch as you are eager to start a game!

  • Game repair

With one click, you can now easily fix corrupted or incomplete game files instead of reinstalling the entire game

  • Integrated voice chat

Who needs third party programs when we have an in-built and easy to use voice chat

  • In-built game news and content

See the latest games news, promotions and updates all within the new Garena!

You can also rest assured that you will not have to re-download your games after the upgrade, and your Garena buddies will remain right where they are.
To upgrade to the new Garena, either i) click “Upgrade Now” when the upgrade prompt message appears on Garena Plus:
G+ prompt.jpg
or ii) download the new installer here.
We strongly encourage all our gamers to upgrade as soon as possible for a smooth transition.
As Garena Plus passes on the torch to the new Garena, we want you to know that this journey is far from over. We will work at improving performance and stability. We will listen to your feedback and find the best ways to address them. We will implement new features that will enhance your gaming experience. If you have any questions or feedback for us, do not hesitate to submit them here.
Finally, let’s keep Garena Plus in a special place in our hearts as we move on to a new and exciting era with the new Garena.