GPL 2017: Looking Foward14.04.2017

By Leonard 'OMO' Loh

Game 1: Mineski vs. Kuala Lumpur Hunters
Twin Fangs

In Game 1 of Day 2, Kuala Lumpur Hunters make an attempt at redemption against Mineski. Despite managing to keep the pace of the game close for most of the early and mid game, an overly aggressive dive between turrets got KLH collapsed on. This resulted in a 5 for 2 trade for the home team, Mineski. Capitalizing off this lead, Mineski used their high DPS team composition along with Mountain Drake Buff to rush down Baron, blowing the game wide open for them. 

Kuala Lumpur Hunter's get kited in their last ditch teamfight

In the last teamfight of the game, we can see Mineski cleanly execute on a teamfight with their 2 hyper carries protected by a Lulu, kiting back the KLH squad for a 5 for 0 ace, ending the game.

Game 2: Mineski vs. Rigel
Top die

Right off the get go, Rigel went for a very top-centric focus with repeated gank attempts and top dives, netting a huge lead for top laner, Revive. MeoCon on the other hand played heavily toward the mid lane, catching out Cralix several times.

With Ciela seemingly caught, MeoCon and Beyond engage into 5 with their team too late to respond

Going into the mid game, Rigel pulled off some very fast rotations, catching out members of Fortius and netting them multiple turrets. Though Rigel misplayed a decisive teamfight, they pulled back through forcing favorable fights onto the split Fortius squad. Rigel ultimately found a game ending fight onto MeoCon and Beyond with the rest of Fortius too late to respond. 

Game 3: Rigel vs. Kuala Lumpur Hunters
Battle of the Causeway

In one of the slowest starts thus far, KLH waited for the perfect opportunity to pull the trigger. After an extended pause, KLH punished a blue buff trade attempt from cyh and Cralix with a well timed Teleport. With the members of Rigel scrambling to escape from the power of KLH's AOE composition, they were cut down on the retreat. KLH played off their lead, choking out the members of Rigel. 

Rigel caught between all the AoE of the Kuala Lumpur Hunters

Cut off by the Equalizer, Rigel were easy pickings for ArrHedge

A attempt at holding tier 1 top resulted in KLH diving past the turret, routing the members of Rigel and picking up Baron. This thus ended Rigel's playoffs hopes.

Game 4: Mineski vs. Fortius

With an unorthodox Warwick pick, Mineski built a composition to buff the Warwick and enable him in teamfights. Going up against Fortius's dive composition, this was going to be a blood bath once again. 

Mineski blew this game wide open with a Teleport play in the Bot Lane with Kaigu doing work on the Warwick, diving onto the squishies of Fortius and taking them out with Rift Herald and Titanic Hydra.

Moments before disaster: Dancing Grenade and Fourth Shot cleans up Fortius

Following a pick onto Beyond in the Bot Lane, Mineski made a bee-line for Baron. Forcing the 4v5 around Baron, they managed to secure Baron and played off this huge swing to close out the game.

Game 5: Rigel vs. Mineski
Nothing to lose

In their final game of the GPL, Rigel looked like themselves again. Be it playing without pressure or having shaken off their nerves, Rigel came in swinging with early ganks from cyh getting his team off to a 3-0 start. Rigel used their League to quickly down bottom lane turret and rotate around the map with their long range engage potential of Curtain Call and Equalizer.

The game winning catch onto Exosen: Cralix diving in on top of the Equalizer

Despite a Baron scare, Rigel maintained control of the game and kept finding numerous picks. With this victory, they ended their Garena Premiere League journey 2-4

Game 6: Kuala Lumpur Hunters vs. Fortius
Kicked out of GPL

In one of Qaspiel's more spectacular jungle performances yet, the Hunters played true to form with quick rotations around Jungler Qaspiel's aggressive plays.Though Beyond struggled to help his team hold on to the game and their playoffs hopes with impressive damage output in teamfights, Qaspiel shone brighter, diving onto the immobile Cassiopeia catching her out, even netting a solo kill against Beyond. KLH had a few stumbles in this game which they will need to clean up if they hope to take the series against Vietnam's representatives: GIGABYTE Marines if they want to advance into the finals.

Closing the door on Fortius

That concludes the group stages with Mineski advancing as the first seed (with a 2:0 head to head versus KLH) and Kuala Lumpur Hunters advancing as the second seed.

Catch the playoff action between Bangkok and Vietnam's Champions go up against Mineski and Kuala Lumpur Hunters respectively April 14th.


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