Hyperplay - 10 teams from SEA 16.07.2018

Brunei - Team SIGMA

“Unity is strength” describes Team Sigma. Top players from the top 2 teams in Brunei - Paradox and Sigma - came together with the desire to compete on a bigger stage beyond their country’s borders. A bold early game team, they will consume any opportunity for a lead that can only grow larger. Even when they do fall behind, Sigma believes they are resilient enough to hold, endure and maybe turn the game around. Determined to clinch first seed in their group, this lineup is working hard in preparation for August.

Player to watch: Yee

When your AD carry pulls out Draven in game one of the finals, you know you’re in for a ride. Yee is someone who daringly puts himself out there (and sometimes, a little too far forward). An instinctive player, he feeds on risk and the hunger to snowball. One step forward, one advantageous trade, and the next thing you know, the opposing laners are likely dead.

Watch out for his: Draven, Irelia

Cambodia - Revenge Team

Up by almost 14k gold with 19 kills to 5 in game two, Revenge Team’s (RT) opponents surrendered in 23 minutes. RT rotated faster and translated kills into objectives. They first met in-game 2 years ago, and have been grinding ranked flex to hone their skills. A group that prioritizes overall strategy, they will seek to punish opponents whenever they push up a lane, and team fight solidly. Aware of how strong tournament favorites Vietnam and Thailand will be, the Cambodians aim to practice hard over the next two months.

Player to watch: Chheng

Sporting an average 81% kill participation in the Cambodian Hyperplay National qualifiers, Chheng is a play-making support. Blazing the way, he is frequently seen opening fights with his top laner and jungler. A stronghold of bot lane, expect him and ADC Deshaa to reposition calmly to outplay opponents 2v2, or even in 2v3s!

Watch out for his: Alistar, Braum

Indonesia - Armored Project

Could Hyperplay be the redemption arc Armored Project (AP) has been waiting for? Formerly known as Resilience Esports, the team has been outspoken about their mediocre performance so far this year. Unsatisfied with their results, they re-branded and rebuilt two months ago. A carry-centric team, AP aspire to excel in the region now that they are at full force with full-time, committed players.

Player to watch: WhiteWing 

A decisive and dependable AD carry, WhiteWing works well with his duo. He checks off all the boxes in the ‘list of AD carry traits that all supports want’. Well-attuned to each champion’s limits, his calm laning phase is topped off with the occasional risky play that tips the game in his team’s favour

Watch out for his: Ashe, Swain

Laos - Emperor

Despite playing together for only two months, don’t underestimate the strength of this new Laotian team. Beginning with two friends, they called upon other talented players to complete their team with the goal of competing in Hyperplay. Confident about how well their individual playstyles gel together, Emperor has shown tight teamwork in a short amount of time. Primarily finding victory through the bot lane, keep an eye out for early dives!  

Player to watch: Soupsoup

When you see the way Soupsoup moves on the map, you can tell he’s seeking something on his radar. Whether it’s a gank onto an overextended lane or cleaning up kills after a brawl, expect aggressive early game plays. Displaying high jungle synergy with his laners, his teammates contend that he is the cement that holds together their playstyles, establishing a solid foundation for the party.

Watch out for his: Trundle, Graves

Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur Hunters

Malaysia’s most well-known and successful team, Kuala Lumpur Hunters (KLH) has a long history that stretches back to 2012. Since first participating in Garena Premier League (GPL) Season 1, the roster has undergone many changes. Still, the team remains solidly ahead of the rest, with 10 Legends Circuit (TLC) championships under their belt since 2013. At the regional level, KLH had their best GPL run this Spring, finishing 2nd behind Thailand’s Ascension Gaming. As Malaysia’s undisputed representative at Hyperplay, you can bet they’ll be looking to reach higher.

Player to watch: OzoraVeki

Skilled enough to play multiple roles in his career, OzoraVeki is currently the AD carry for KLH. Together with QaspieL, they’ve been consistent pillars for the team over the last 4 years. He joined Taiwan’s League of Legends Masters Series (LMS) in Spring 2017, spending 3 months playing support for Hong Kong Esports. Choosing to return to his roots, observe as KLH drafts around his reliable carry potential.

Watch out for his: Ashe, Jhin

Myanmar - Burmese Pythons

Finishing off their opponents in two games with double-digit kills under 23 minutes, the Burmese Pythons are quick to strike. By devouring dragons and denying turrets, they left their rivals with no breathing room to move. Their shared love for League of Legends led these solo queue players to meet at a social gathering where they formed the team. Characteristically playing through the mid lane, assassinations, jungle invades and ganks are on the menu. 

Player to watch: x3Ruy

Win lane, win game - that’s the motto of the Burmese Python’s team captain. Known for his skills with assassins, opponents constantly ban Katarina against the team. Zed however, was let through in the finals, where x3Ruy demonstrated that once the snowball starts, it doesn’t stop rolling. Once he gets a lead, he makes sure to help out other lanes as well to open up the map for his team.

Watch out for his: Zed, Katarina

Philippines - Acclaim Empire X

The kingdom of Acclaim EmpireX lies in the river. Supporting each other in combat, early game roams very quickly turn into brawls involving their jungler. Their friendships appear to translate in-game too, as everyone looks out for each other in full-on team fights. Founded in 2013, the elite team was formed with the purpose of joining the Pro Gaming Series (PGS). Strong enough to continue competing at the highest level of play in the Philippines for the last three years, AEX are at Hyperplay to battle for supremacy.

Player to watch: Marsh

Give Marsh a favourable matchup and it is almost guaranteed he will out farm his opponent. He’s always willing to take calculated trades, and will certainly keep opponents on their toes! A split-push specialist with a good eye for flanking, pay attention to top lane as he fights it out skillfully with bruisers and duelists.

Watch out for his: Darius, Vladimir

Singapore - Sovereign

Coming off a 3-1 win over Resurgence to clinch the Singapore League Series Spring 2018 Championship, Sovereign (SVR) swept them in a decisive 2-0 victory in the Hyperplay finals and now holds three major titles. SVR started with a group of friends coming together to play competitively in 2016. Their consistent hard work has put them on top of the Singapore scene, representing the country to finish 4th in Southeast Asia’s Garena Premier League Spring 2018. With a growing number of achievements, there are expectations for Sovereign to ascend the throne.

Player to watch: Arykelic

Bursting into the Singapore scene with an explosive playstyle 3 years ago, his high solo queue placing got him noticed. Starting out as a flashy assassin rookie with excellent mechanics, Arykelic has matured into a versatile mid laner who does what is best for the team. Always contesting for the top spot on the solo queue ladder, his growth has led him to represent Singapore regionally on multiple teams.

Watch out for his: Zed, Swain 

Thailand - Run Down Mid

Debuting in the Thailand Pro League (TPL) in Summer last year, Run Down Mid’s (RDM) two original members Tenphet and Fahrens have been leading the squad since 2016. It hasn’t been smooth sailing, however, as they had to deal with roster changes and failing to qualify for TPL Spring 2018. Despite dropping game one against mid-tier TPL team Till Dawn, they turned the series around with superior team-fighting to win the Thai National Hyperplay qualifier. Will they be able to maintain Thailand’s reputation as one of the top regions in Southeast Asia?

Player to watch: Tenphet

With a steady laner like Bellbee who holds the mid lane, Tenphet is free to roam top, bot and into the enemy jungle. When he ganks, you’ll notice him making the calls and leading the charge. Unafraid to initiate, his high kill participation is an outcome of his aptitude in sniffing out the enemy jungler and capitalizing on opponent’s mistakes. Smartly playing around his team’s power-spikes, he is the key reason why RDM turned their fate around for the chance to compete in Singapore.

Watch out for his: Lee Sin, Elise

Vietnam - Super Star Destroyers

The Super Star Destroyers (SSD) reverse swept their opponents 2-1 in the Vietnamese finals to get here. Flying under the banner of Sky Gaming – founded by former GAM mid laner and current coach, Optimus – SSD is the favourite to win the tournament due to their professional experience and the support they receive. Adaptable and flexible, the team has shown the ability to execute different types of drafts. When SSD descends onto the Rift, get ready to enjoy some slick League of Legends!

Player to watch: Vormund

Moving with the ebb and flow of his laners, Vormund controls the map with his team. When there are pushing lanes, expect him to be hanging around by the river to contest Scuttle Crabs - with backup incoming. Gifted with a large champion pool, he is enjoying the current funnel strategy onto the jungler.

Watch out for his: Graves, Master Yi