Lunar Packet Festival 2017 27.01.2017


 Update: 10th Feb 2017; 12 PM 

This Event is now closed. Thank you for all your support! 

Note: IP for unopened Lunar Packets have been returned to the sender 




 Update: 3rd Feb 2017 

We have a Gift for you! 


To celebrate those who kicked off the year with League of Legends, we will be sending Lunar Packets to all summoners active in 2017 so far,  

Open Garena Mobile to receive yours now! You can download Garena Mobile via



Each day you send a Lunar Packet to a fellow summoner, you also stand a chance to win a real life Warring Kingdoms Garen Sword! Click here to find out more.  






TLDR: Lunar Packet Festival is now live on the Garena Mobile App. Gift fellow summoners with Lunar Packets containing influence points (IP) to help them ward off evil spirits, or to send well wishes for the Lunar New Year!

Update (31 Jan 2017): A bug that prevented Summoners from loading all or some of their friends has been resolved

Event Information 

Period: Available until 10/02/17 12:00 PM


Event Platform: Summoners can send and receive Lunar Packets from one another via the Garena Mobile App.


Download the Garena Mobile app via

(Please note iOS players will need to be on the SG or MY App Store) 


Stay tuned for surprise lunar packets from us!


How do I send and recieve Lunar Packets?  

Download Garena Mobile to join the Lunar Packet Festival. Everything else should be easy from there!










The core of this event is to celebrate the lunar year with our community. To prevent over-exploitation of IP transfer, limits have been set.


  • Players must be over level 10 to send a Lunar Packet. There are no restrictions on receiving
  • Each player is able to send a maximum of 500 IP in total per day. The limit resets at 00:00 SGT
  • The minimum amount sent via each packet is 25 IP
  • Once sent, there will be no refunds for any packets sent 




I can't download Garena Mobile!

Please go to the Singapore or Malaysia App Store for iOS. For Android, please download the apk at


Why can’t I see the Lunar Packet event on my Garena Mobile?  

Please make sure your Garena Mobile app is updated to version 2.0 and above. This event is only available for users on the Singapore or Malaysia region of Garena Mobile.


I can't see the Lunar Packet Event!

Android users on Garena Mobile, please go to Settings -> Others -> Clear Cache. Then please relogin.




 Then, RELOGIN!!



Who can I send Lunar Packets to?

You can send lunar packets to anybody on your Friends list on the League of Legends Singapore and Malaysia Server as long as you are over level 10.


Why can I not find a friend on the list?

Names should be in alphabetical order. But it may be that the list is not reflecting your friend’s lastest summoner name. We are looking into fixing this as soon as possible.


Please note lunar packets sent to old summoner names will still work!


In the meantime, if this friend sends you a lunar packet, their name will be updated on your list once you relogin!


How much can I send per day?

You can send up to a total of 500 IP per day, to as many users as you want, as long as each lunar packet contains at least 25 IP.


Where can I see how much I can still send today?

On the 'send' page, you can see how much you have sent today. The maximum amount sent per day is 500 IP!


When will the IP I sent/received be deducted/credited?

IP should be deducted/credited almost immediately upon sending and opening lunar packets. But due to server loads, there may be short delays. If after 15 minutes, you feel our IP history is not correctly reflected, please contact Customer Support.


Can I save my Lunar Packets?

Unfortunately not, but you can screenshot your Lunar Packets to share on social media!


I can’t send a Lunar Packet!

Please note you must be over level 10 to send Lunar Packets


Where can I see packets I have already opened?

You will be able to see the last 10 packets you have sent or received in the ‘History’ page.


Can I get a refund? I sent it to the wrong person/ I hate my friend now.

Unfortunately, no. Please be very careful when sending out lunar packets!




Who do I contact for any issues?

Please contact Customer Support via Livechat or Tickets.