The Making of Warring Kingdom Garen Swords 27.02.2017

Congratulations to FrenchToast for winning the last of five Warring Kingdoms Garen swords from the Show Your Love for Garen contest.


With that, all five swords have found their new homes!


Forging a sword worthy of the Might of Demacia

Thank you to Joseph and Gavin from Malaysia-based No Life Joseph and Gavin Props and Cosplay for their incredible work in making a sword worthy of Warring Kingdoms Garen! The decision for us to partner with them was easy, as they are no strangers to making incredible League of Legends cosplay.


From left to right: Darius, Garen, Jarvan. They have a thing for bad-ass warriors.



From left to right: Winter Lulu’s staff, Bunny Riven’s broken sword, Arcade Riven sword, Star Guardian Lux staff


Not only do these brothers cosplay, they’ve long been making props for other cosplayers in the community!


Powering the Jade

In-game model for Warring Kingdoms Garen’s Jade Sword


The most important aspect of Warring Kingdoms Garen’s sword is its jade-green glow, and for that the brothers used clear acrylic that allowed them to install LED lights inside. For the sword stand, they went with PVC in order to keep it light yet durable.

We had to figure out the length of the sword, to ensure it was of the right size and heft to wield in hand for when you Demacian Justice somebody, as well as for when it is to be neatly displayed on a shelf (when you need to take a break from dispensing justice).   
After the plan was made, the brothers started tracing the sword in Illustrator. First, an outline was made, followed by each section layer by layer so that the LED could fit perfectly inside the sword.


Grinding the Blade

The next step was to cut out each section/part of the sword on acrylic sheets using a CNC (computer-controlled cutting machine). It was important the brothers got this precisely right as there had to be a canal in the sections to allow the electrical components to be laid. LED strips with green colored stickers were inserted into the canal before the sword was sealed up on both sides, with a grinder to work out the edge and point of the sword.


Adorning the Weapon

The best part of making the Warring Kingdoms Garen swords came next! Painting them. In green, more green, and gold.

What an arsenal. Wait, there’s 6 of them!


Time to dry. Only 5 left :’(


Perfecting the Glow

There was a long debate about whether to use batteries or electrical socket for the swords so Joseph and his brother Gavin tested the swords with differing sizes of batteries to see how long it lasted. Ultimately, after hours and hours of stress testing (also to ensure the LED lights didn’t just blow up and die), it was agreed that the electrical socket would be the most convenient and long-lasting option. Finally it was decided that you could continuously power the sword’s jade glow by plugging it into a wall socket.


“I could do this for hours. Really.” - Garen


Finally, the finished product: a bad-ass sword to celebrate the new Warring Kingdoms skins and Lunar Revel event, that glows extra bright to ward off the evils of the night by your bedside.  


Katarina not included.